AKL Buses


Is Kidani now open? And, does this mean more packed Disney Transportation? Please advise.


I was wondering the same thing. One of the many things I love about AKL is that there is only one bus stop within the resort. I wonder if the opening of Kidani will put a damper on things.


I know they’ve revised the transportation system to add more buses into the mix. I believe we got that story in our latest DVC news addition & they’ve also created some electronic system that automatically reroutes, or adds busing, to resorts that randomly need additional supply. I don’t think you’ll notice a big difference or any problems.


When we stayed at Kidani 2 weeks ago the buses weren’t bad. The only bus that was really packed was the DTD bus. Since Kidani was the first pickup(for parks) we always had a seat. Most of the guest on the buses were from Jambo.


They will probably just put more busses on like they do at the larger resorts and everything should work out fine. I do love the bus system at AKL, its the only one we’ve never had a problem with!