AKL Kidani


I know that I asked this question a while back, but now our trip is only a month away!!! We have a savannah view in Kidani-where is a good location to request? I heard that there are 2 different savannahs-which one is bigger and has giraffes? My DD7 really wants to try and see a giraffe from our balcony!! I also read something about even numbered and odd numbered rooms??? Thanks!!:laugh:


I would love to have this info too, we leave in 90 days (89 too many)! I think I remember someone saying that requesting a villa close to the lobby, or elevtor to the lobby was a good idea.


I think it’s called Sunset Savannah but not sure - definitely worth calling to ask! Also, the walk to the lobby (and busses and pool) can be quite long so do request close to the lobby.


Plenty of animals…close to lobby best bet.