AKL Kids Activities Schedule


We are staying in AKV this fall. I read that there are alot of activities at the resort for the kids but cannot find a past schedule or list of what they are.

Does anyone happen to have a link or a schedule of the activities that they can share?



You can get a copy at check in or call the resort and ask them to mail you a copy to your home. Tell them your check in dates and you want the schedule to plan some fun for the kids. I can’t see them not doing it.


Look at this . . . it gives a small sampling:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas | Recreation & Shopping | Disney Vacation Club


The All-New “unofficial” AKL/AKV’s FAQ thread… - Page 48 - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com

scroll down on that page and you should see the daily activity schedule.


Thanks for that! I can’t believe how much they offer throughout the day. :happy:


Now that I see what one looks like, they do something similar at the values as well. There is a calendar given to you at check in and it lists all the night time pool events . . . like Hula contest, Pool Parties, Movies, etc.


Thank you! That is a great help.


Another question - Do they offer any activities for teens?


your welcome. I would love to know the answer to the teenage activites also. I have searched but never found anything.


I don’t know how ‘old’ your teens are but we have stayed at AKL 3 times. My DSs were pre-, mid-, and early-teens over the time of our visits. They had a great time with the pool, arcade, animal viewing and general activities at the resort. Many people do not realize how much the resort offers beyond the animals.


I do not have any exact schedules for you but I just want to add that I’ve seen some AWESOME activities going on for children, young and old, at the AKL. Once I did ornament decorating with pieces of beautiful Ostrich eggshell, there are stories around the outside fire pits, & there are educational tours of the cultural art in the resort. I also saw an artist session with one of the South African artists that had work in the resort’s shop, and one time a CM had “feely boxes” where children got to stick their hands in enclosed boxes and guess/talk about what they felt inside (there were things like an alligator jaw, folliage from the savannah, ostrich eggshells, etc).

Too cool, there are LOTS of activities to do there!