AKL location thoughts?


We are planning a trip in October 2010 as I have to travel to Orlando anyway for a convention and that means I can write off my travel and lodging as a business expense WOOHOO!

Anyway I am interested in everyones thoughts on the AKL in terms of location of the resort in relation to the parks and how good/bad the transportation is. We have previously stayed at the WL and the BC and loved them both but we want to continue to enjoy Disney in new ways and were thinking of the AKL as our next destination.

On a side note I really wish the Contemporary had a better pool with slides and attractions as I really want to stay there someday but our seven year old daughter is a real “pool hound” and we need a good spot to return to in the afternoon and blow off some steam before heading back into the parks…the contempo just seems a little to barren in this realm.


I love AKL. In all the times we have been there, never had issues with the buses. Haven’t been there since Kidani opened so don’t know how the new stop affects the bus system, but truly, that’s one of the reasons why we love AKL so much is you wait for the bus, and then it’s off to the parks. Not like many of the other resorts where you have to hit four more stops before you head out.


So busses are direct to the parks from AKL with no stops?! That would be awesome if so!


Use to be when only Jambo house was there. I believe (and anyone correct me if I’m wrong) the bus now stops at the new section first (Kidani) and then at Jambo, and then off to the parks. We always stay at Jambo, so the bus would arrive, we would get on and off we would go.


Thanks for the info, that is awesome! Can anyone confirm?


I have stayed there twice and would stay there again in a heart-beat if the budget permitted it. I loved the remote location. It felt like a vacation within a vacation when you headed back to the resort for a break. The transportation was awesome both time I was there as you don’t share a bus with any other resort like you end up doing at other WDW resorts at some point during your stay. Definately stay there! It’s my FAVORITE!


Tanks joisey goil!

I know we were a bit dissapointed about the numerous stops on the busses when we stayed at the WL and the BC althought they were both awesome and I would definitely recommend either one.


I agree with everything Dana said. We love AKL for all those reasons. Its like being transported. Its a wonderful place to stay to get away from the whole theme park crowd.

We spent a few days just relaxing around the resort itself last trip. The pool is quite large and one of our favorites.

The buses are direct to the parks and the restaurants are wonderful. Mara is a great QS and Boma for breakfast and dinner is a treat. Jiko for special dinners is one of WDW’s best if you get a chance to go.

There is nothing better than sitting on your balcony watching those animals if your lucky enough to have a savannah view. If not, sit on one of the many common viewing areas to really enjoy them all.

The lobby, its decor and music played throughout the resort can really pull you in the magic of this place.

You will have a great time. We have stayed here several times. I would request a room on the Zebra trail if possible. Have a super time!:happy:


We love AKL. We have stayed there three times, each time
in a Savannah view room. The hotel is very cozy and
inviting and there is nothing like sitting on your balcony
and having the animals so close by.
You are a little further away from the other parks, but right
next door to AK which is nice.
The pool is huge and has a slide your daughter would probably
really like.
I don’t think you can go wrong if you choose AKL. Have fun :mickey:


Yes I can confirm. The buses stop at Kidani first and then Jambo House and then you are off tp your destination. I liked the fact that I could walk between the resorts.