We are finally heading back to WDW this coming Feb. I have been wanting to stay at a Deluxe resort forever, and was hoping to this time. However, looking at the price difference, I’m questioning. For our dates, there is a $500 or so difference between AKL and the moderates. That’s a nice chunk of spending money. It’s not just our family that is going, but we’re bringing my husband’s friend’s family, 2 adults and 2 kids who will be 3 and 5. It will be their first trip. They are fine with staying wherever we decide to stay. The moderate we are considering is CSR, we have been there before and liked it. The only issue there is the fact that we have stayed there. I always like to try new resorts, which is another reason I’d like to do AKL. So what would you do? Splurge and cut into spending money and do a new resort for us, staying at the AKL? Or save and stay at CSR again? And then there is the 3rd option, doing neither and picking some place like CBR? I don’t know much about that resort.


Splurge and try AKL. It’s such an amazing resort. After doing mostly values and one moderate (CSR), we splurged last December and stayed there and I’ll never ever regret it. If you have the means to do it just once, do it. Everyone will love it!! :happy:


AKL is my vote!


I would save the deluxe for a time when it’s just your family and go with a moderate this time. Save them money and go to a cool dinner with your friends. I suggest T-rex! It was the favorite pick of the group last summer. More spending money always out-weighs place to sleep to me. CSR has tons for the kids and adults to do. Very deluxe feel.


If there is any hesitation plan for a mod. I love staying at the deluxe resorts, but keep it simple since freinds ae going with.
Don’t forget the Port Orleans resorts. I read good reviews about CSR, CBR, and PO, but the number of outstanding comments for the PO resorts crush the other 2. We walked through a few trips ago and if I did a mod it would be at a PO site. Just make sure you book one of the updated rooms with 2 queen beds.


with kids I would go with PO or even one of the fun values… the new one is opening and taking reservations…


Save the $ and try a different Mod. It’s a Win-Win. Unless you don’t care for the PO’s, i’d look into one of the refurbs there. Fun pools, nice food court, boat to DTD and just down right charming.


I think a lot of it really depends on how much time you plan to spend at the resort. AKL is the nicer resort, and so cool with the savannah there & a nice pool. On the other hand, if you’re going to the parks every day, and using the resort for nap/pool time and sleeping, I would stay at the moderate(my personal prefernce would be POFQ, but CSR is fine).


Unless you are getting a savannah room, I would save the money and use it for food or souvenirs. CSR has a better pool and slide than AKL and offers the same queen size beds and some of the other deluxe amenities.


I like AKL but its deluxe lite if you ask me. Lousy transportation. If it were $500 to go to a monorail or boardwalk resort I’d go for it. Go CSR this time.


Thanks everyone. We are going to meet halfway, and probably stay at CBR. That way I get to try a new resort but we are still saving money. We’ll save a deluxe for in another couple of years. We’;ve done POR and I wasn’t terribly thrilled with it.
For those who have done CBR, how is it? We were thinking of doing a pirate room.


We had a pirate room and love the theming. I liked the courtyard to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The food is a bit far and that is what I did not care for, but otherwise it was nice.


[QUOTE=AprilandtheKids;1081946]Thanks everyone. We are going to meet halfway, and probably stay at CBR. That way I get to try a new resort but we are still saving money. We’ll save a deluxe for in another couple of years. We’;ve done POR and I wasn’t terribly thrilled with it.
For those who have done CBR, how is it? We were thinking of doing a pirate room.[/QUOTE]

Only get a pirate room!! Even though they are far away from the pool and dining, they are the only rooms worth staying at. The other “Nemo” rooms are slightly run down and dull. We LOVED the pirate rooms and the pirate pools and all the other amenities at the resort that we decided to stay again, but to save $$ got a regular room, WHAT. A. DISAPPOINTMENT! :ohmy: We could see they had poured all the upgrades into the pool/dining/pirate rooms, because the room we had needed a major overhaul! Now this was about a year ago, and I know all the rooms at all the resorts are getting upgrades - so if you don’t go with the Pirates (which I highly recommend :wub:) make sure you ask for a room that was recently refurbed!

The rest of the resort won’t disappoint - it’s awesome! :heart:


We love CBR!! We haven’t stayed in a pirate room but I hear they are far from OPR and the Custom House. There is an internal bus that runs throughout the resort. If you do not want to pay the money for the pirate room and want a room closer to OPR and the main pool, request a room in Jamaica or Aruba. Both islands are a short walk over the bridge to everything. All islands also have a quiet pool and laundry facilities by the pool where you could swim and wash the clothes at the same time. That is nice!

Request a ground floor room. You will enjoy that more and the kids will too. Most buildings are linked by walkways and there could be only two the three staircases for a group. Plus if you have strollers, you will have to lug them up the stairs.

OPR has the main pool, water rentals, an open market store and the main store, along with the food court and Shutters restaurant. Check in is at the Custom House, seperate from OPR.

Hope that helps a little. You will like the resort. It is a bit spread out, but easy to navigate.

If you wind up in a room that you do not like, the cast members are very good to accomodate you.


Yes we like CBR too, its a great resort, great atmosphere too.


I offer my full throated disagreement to this opinion.
Transportation is absolutely no different than any other resort that depends on buses and even with two stops on property since they’ve opened the DVC section, it’s much better than having to go through 4 stops at CBR and CSR or 5 stops at Port Orleans (buses are shared most of the time between POFQ and POR).

AKL is in no way “deluxe lite”. They offer service and amenities that are fully equal to the other deluxe resorts. AKL (and WL) cost less because they are not on monorail lines and not walking distance to any of the parks.
If you can use a form of x-ray vision and look underneath the individual architectural features, you would see that the lobbies of AKL and GF are in fact, the same, as is WL.

Now, there is one way that you can improve your transportation (bus) experience at the mods. You have to get yourself into the section that is directly between the first stop when buses return to the resort and the last stop before they leave the resort, otherwise, you’ll be in for an extra 15 minutes or more on every bus.
At CSR, this would be the Casitas section.

As for boating rentals, I would not bother with any marina that isn’t on Bay Lake or Seven Seas Lagoon! Crescent Lake (Boardwalk area) is loaded with no wake zones and is confined. The resorts that connect directly by water to DTD are even worse because they are even more confined and speed limited.
Only on Bay Lake/Seven Seas Lagoon can you really open up and not worry so much about getting run over by Disney water transport.

One last thing, the last I looked, AKL does not have a water slide, but they do have hot tubs.


Thanks everyone! With it being Feb when we go, we aren’t too worried about the pool. Doubt we will see it. We’ll def go with pirate rooms. Are there two doubles or two queens in the pirate rooms?


The Disney pools are heated :happy: - and from what I remember I think the pirate beds were similar to the ones at CSR - two queens. The rooms are soooooo great and worth the walk to the main building! :heart:


I was wrong - two full size beds: Caribbean Beach Fact Sheet


And that’s reason enough to go to CSR because they converted to two queens or one king in every room in 2009/10.