AKL or Wilderness Lodge?


Okay, right now I have reservations at PORS for 8 days in August. I am thinking of calling to upgrade my reservation to a deluxe as a surprise for my DH (we’ll be celebrating our 15th anniversary while there) :heart: Which do you think would be a better choice for our family? We have 3 DD (5,9,14). I’m leaning toward AKL because of the animals. Any opinions out there???


I have committed one of the cardinal sins of DC. I’m just not that impressed with the Wilderness Lodge, so my vote would go for AKL. It is so magnificent and as an animal lover, I’d have a hard time pulling myself away to go to the parks. (and I think girls would like the AKL more than a “wilderness” theme). My girls were 10 and 11 when we stayed at WL. I know they would have liked AKL a lot more.


I think the only way I’d stay at AKL is if I had a savannah room. We absolutely love WL, but we prefer BWI due to it’s proximity to EPCOT & MGM! From AKL you have to take a bus everywhere & from WL you can take the boat to MK & a boat everywhere else. WL has a nice little beach area, a working geyser, & a nice pool that is fed from inside the lodge itself!!! You can stand on a bridge over a stream in the lobby & watch the water run outside, down a waterfall & into the pool. Watch out for the ducks, though…they like that pool, too.


If there is 5 of you, you may have to get 2 rooms at WL unless you get a suite. I believe the reg rooms only sleep 4. POR had trundle beds to accomidate the 5th person but I don’t think WL does.


I agree that unless you have a savannah room, don’t choose AKL. We had a pool view and felt like we were the poor relations. My family did not care for AKL, but we love WL. Depends on who you ask!! LOL I am sure you will have a great time no matter which one you choose.


I couldn’t have said it better. We stayed at WL last summer and fell in love with it.


Gee, I’m kind of surprised. I thought that AKL would win hands down. Any other thoughts out there??


I definitely would go for AKL. I am staying there in September. You can ask for a room with a queen and bunk beds. Would the 5 and 9 year old fit in one bunk bed?


BTW…WL also has bunkbeds. And I believe (don’t quote me on this, though) that there are some rooms that sleep 5. Just ask…


Were staying at the AKL in Nov. They both sound wonderful :wub: I think I would choose the one I want for the location.WL is closer to all the parks yet a standerd room will not do five people, on the other hand you can do five people at the AKL. Were doing three days at the GF then two at AKL, couldn’t make our minds up so were doing two. :angel: Tina


We upgraded to the concierge level at AKL (savanah view) and it was the best stay thus far for my wife and I - My brother lives in South FL and he brought his kids up for a visit and all we did one day is watch the animals from the room, watch the animals from the central viewing area, find the hidden mickeys, and swim in the fab pool (zero entry - really kool) oh yeah and watch the animals at night with the night vision goggles(also really Kool!).
We also did the sunrise safari, which is an early morning tour that takes you on the Kilamenjaro (sp), ride, but with long stops to take great pics of the animals as well as an incredible breakfast at the AK park. Last word is WOW!



We have stayed at both and my vote is DEFINITELY WL. The animals are nice at AKL and they have night time story telling round the fire outside the lobby, but we kind of felt like we were in the desert at AKL. I guess maybe that is how you were supposed to feel, but I prefer the green trees. If you do AKL, you MUSTget the savannah room.

At WL, there is a petting zoo at nearby Fort Wilderness, you can rent the surrey bikes which is fun and the water craft rentals are right there too. The thing we really liked was the boat that took us to MK right from the resort.


I’ve never stayed at either of them but we went to the AKL for lunch one day and to see the animals and I LOVED it!!! I would def. stay there!!!


I would only stay at AKL if I had a Savannah room. I love WL. When it comes to picking between these 2 it’s always the hardest for me.


WL…hands down!!


Love :heart: Love :heart: Love :heart: WL!!!


I love both of these resorts, but the AKL is an experince all on it’s own. It like a mini park with the animals and such. The bunk beds can no way fit two people on them without them being crammed in. You should call about 5 in a room and see what you options are first. Again, I loved both of these places and would have a hard time picking between the two for myself.


We love Wilderness lodge, we are going next month, second time we have stayed their. It’s great


Does anyone know about the flag family they pick at Wilderness lodge everymorning to raise the 5 flags?


I’m curious,crystalrp. What made you feel like poor relations with a pool view? My mother and I were upgraded to pool view and we thought it was great!!