AKL or WL?


So, there is a possibility that I will be going back for free dining this August! After hearing about my cousin’s great trip with her kids, my aunt decided that she wants to go back again ( I went with her, her two kids and my mom in 2006. My mom and I went because my uncle won’t fly and she didn’t want to go alone with the kids).

Anyway, last time we stayed at POR and had a great time but she was looking to try somewhere else this time.

We are leaning towards AKL or WL or possibly a 2 bedroom villa at Saratoga or Old Key West as they are all around the same price. We would be going for 5 nights at the end of August. I have never stayed at any of these resorts and wanted some others opinions on where to stay!


I chose WL because that’s where I would love to stay, but how many of you are going? You might be more comfy in a villa.


There are five of us, but we would get 2 rooms at AKL or WL. My mom and I would stay in one and my aunt and her kids in the other. That is what we did at POR in 2006.


I love WL!!!


I picked AKL . . . not because I’ve been, but because I dream of going!!! :laugh:


I am intrigued by the theming and the animals at AKL, but I love the WL, its theming and proximity to the MK. So that’s probably where I’d stay.


I picked WL because it is just a boat ride away from the MK.


I chose AKL because I really loved seeing the animals right outside my room:)


There’s nothing more beautiful than the Animal Kingdom Lodge! It just SO amazing staying there; the atmosphere, the savanna, the restaurants, the pool, the lobby, everything!


I’m all for WL but my 2nd choice would be AKL only because I love the way they both look and feel.


I’m voting on purely having been to the resorts to walk around and not having actually stayed at either one. I really liked them both but would have to lean toward WL.


Looks like WL is in the lead!


People love the animals, but give me a lake. A big lake and a marina. A big lake, a marina, and a Magic Kingdom to boat in front of.
Our next visit, I have to settle for AKL because WL only had courtyard view rooms while AKL had standards, and for three days at passholder rates, that’s $200 saved.
AKL is fine as well, I just like the lake.


I love WL there is nothing like walking in that lobby after a hot day in the parks I also think the transporation is good.


Said everything in a nutshell!!! The only thing I can add is, although WL is beautiful, there are other resorts throughout US where you can experience same type of theme, whereas have never come across anything matching up to AKL. It’s just such a wonderful, new experience.


Yeah, what Wish said.

As soon as we got home from a AKV/VWL trip, we got on a wait list to switch a few of our BWV nights to AKV.


Keep the opinions coming!

I would probably lean towards the WL myself, but part of me feels like this is not really my trip, I am just along for the ride, so maybe going somewhere else would be good. My aunts kids really loved Boma and the Animal Kingdom on our last trip so I know they would like it there. Of course, they also enjoyed Whispering Canyon and when we walked into that lobby they asked if they could stay there next time.

Looks like SSR is off the list for all you guys and and I kind of feel the same. I would love to stay in a villa sometime but my mom and I were thinking that it would be nice to be in one of the lodges where most of the walking from your room to the food and services is all inside the air conditioning since we will be there when it is so hot. I feel like we might end up doing just as much walking outside in the heat at SSR as we would at POR.


Except that most of them are US national parks lodges and aren’t located next to a major theme park and feature Disney service.

I have heard AKL CMs say that there are parts of AKL that remind them of home.

Both hotels, as well as GF and the Grand Californian share the same architect.
If you look hard, you can see elements of the GF’s lobby in the AKL’s lobby.

I prefer WL, but have no problem at all staying at AKL.


By the way, as your third choice, I’d have picked Old Key West instead of Saratoga Springs. OKW is the oldest of the DVC resorts, so the rooms are a little bigger. Also, it just felt and looked more like a vacation condo village village. It’s not to be overlooked, though it lacks the grand soaring lobbies of AKL and WL.


I had to vote for WL, the resort is so beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I’m totally relaxed form the moment I wank in that beautiful lobby.