I have never stayed at a Deluxe Resort but with the new AP discounts out I thought I would check into it. Which one of these resorts would you pick and why. I would prob book a standard room as the prices are about the same for the time frame I am looking on going. Do all the rooms have balconies?


All the rooms in both resorts have balconies.
At AKL, many standard rooms often give you obstructed animal views without having to pay for savanna view.
I like WL more because it is located on Bay Lake, so it isn’t land locked and because they have direct service by boat to the MK.
It comes down to animals or water view.


I have stayed at both…I like WL just a little better because of the food court and the boat to MK,Cont then getting the monorail to Poly and GF. My husband like WL better because he likes taking a walk over to Fort W. We also like renting the water mice and cruising the lake. However you don’t share a bus at AKL. You really can’t go wrong with either one.


We debated the exact same thing for about a month and finally decided on AKL because, like Soundgod said, it’s animals vs. water and we can visit water/wilderness anytime in northern WI. But we’ll never do an African safari! :happy: We’ve also have never done a deluxe resort so we are very excited!


We are WL folks. Love the theme and how relaxing it is.

DW keeps saying we need to stay @ AKL but it never works out. Someday.


Love AKL (Jambo House). I like the idea of coming back from a busy day at the parks to quiet, cozy surroundings. Nothing like sitting out on the balcony at night, watching the animals in their element.


Love them both, but would go with AKL. WL is very nice, but we find it much more noisy. It does have direct service by boat to MK, which is a plus. AKL is just quiet and more Sarene. For us, there is nothing like sitting on the balcony after a long day in the parks, and watching the animals (Savannah view).


We just stayed at AKL and loved the theming and resort. We had a standard room but got one with a bit of a Savannah view. We could still see many animals and we were in a quiet corner. The bus ride is a little long to some of the parks but as some said it was nice to come back to the quiet environment.


Ok, I have booked. I booked ASM because by doing the value resort with the discount I was able to book the MNSSHP. :slight_smile:


me too! AKL we are going to stay on Dec 2010!


I love both, and we did WL this year. However, the ONLY negative I have about AKL is location, location, location. No matter where you go (Save for AK) it is a long ride/drive. Maybe you don’t mind that, but for us we prefer the Bay Lake location and the great morning boat ride to the park.


Thats what I would do if I had to. We stayed at WL and visited AKL and we thought for the same $ for a standard room we would rather stay at WL b/c of the extra transportation options BUT we cut that trip short by 2 days. We have now decided that if we can’t stay our normal 7 days we would go down a category (or 2) on the resort so we can afford to go the way we like to go.

All Star Music is great! We loved it there for being a value!



I can’t wait to stay in AKL for Dec 2010! It’s my favorite resort!


Animal Kingdom is my favorite of all of the DVC Villas. Wilderness Lodge is great too and both are similar as the same architect did the lobby of both resorts, but the access to the animals is great plus there are better dining options at Animal Kingdom.


I’ve stayed at neither of them, but I’ve visited both…and I’d say they are both nice. However, I’d call AK more “exotic” than WL.


for every opinion there is an equal and opposite opinion. on our last stay, we stayed at AKL savannah room. i was unimpressed with the animal view. i really thought we would see many more exotics. we visited the WL for dining and instantly realized we should have booked a stay there. NOW, this also has a lot to do with the time of year we go. it is during the christmas holidays and the themeing is so much more “traditional christmas” at WL. we are booking for WL this year for another december trip. also, the food at AKL did not impress. we are very used to eating unusual cuisine(we are very much southern louisianians), and the food was not remarkable. now we did eat at whispering canyon’s at WL and it was equally not impressive, but i’d say slightly better than jiko’s.

stayed at ASM in 2003 and it was great. if cutting back on a resort means more fun things, well, that’s a no brainer.


I pretty much have to stay in a value because I have 5 people and want to book 2 rooms. I don’t want a trundle bed and really can’t afford a villa.

All that being said, I would pick WL if it were me! AKL is gorgeous but WL is absolutely and totally DISNEY to me. I love it! The only resort that out-Disney’s WL is the Contemporary in my humble opinion. :c)


Right now, I am deciding which, but I will most likely go with WL over AKL even though it’s going to cost a few dollars more. I just seem to prefer the water to the animals.