AKL points for rent?


Not even sure if this is possible on such short notice …

My DD and DH have always wanted to stay at AKL-and since we are celebrating DH and my 10th anniversary, I became curious about renting points for Sept 2nd-5th for a surprise for them. Or, August 28th-Sept 5th.

I priced out the 40% off Deluxe offer and with a little adjusting of ADRs to make up for losing the FD, I can make that work but I am wondering if we would be better off renting DVC?
If so, anyone have points for rent? How bad would this change hurt my savings? LOL!
(Please only long-term MB posters need reply)



Just passing thru … Thought I’d say High !!! Today I have been so lazy !!! Watching the World Cup then flinging myself on the couch with a cold beverage… WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT AGAIN ???

        ..... POOL HOPPING ????  hUH?????


I have a friend at the soccer games but I have no clue who is playing or really even how it works. That is what you meant right?

I spent the day dreamin’ Disney, reading and gardening…ahhh…relaxing. Oh… the beverages were last night… hence the lazy day…

As I was saying… I am hoping to split the stay… >insert devious smirk here<
Just looking for the most economical way…

Go ahead jack this thread away partner… I’m the boss of it!


Hi !!! …not High !
I was going to throw in something about your garden… forgot to.


Oh… and it won’t be pool hopping if I actually have a key to the room at AKL… LOL! You know I am not a rule breaker.


C’MON … Be a rebel and tell them your not staying there!!!:whistling