AKL Pool


Hello everyone!
First, thanks for all your help, I have posted a few things about our trip in August and you helped a lot! And, now I have another question. :nemo: Is the pool at AKL fairly nice? No young children are going to be with us in August, only my little 17-year-old sister :laugh:, and I was wondering if it was nice to relax around. Both my sister and I lifeguard, so we’d like to be able to lounge around instead of yelling WALK! at everyone :laugh:.

Also, we will be going to the waterparks, and we LOVE thrill rides. We’ve never been to Blizzard Beach…so, what things at Blizzard Beach can we just not miss?

THANKS in advance for all your help! :flowers:


The pool at AKL is wonderful! It is a zero-entry pool. There are lots of places to lie and relax and there are 2 hot tubs! Several times we went to the hot tub late at night, it was so peaceful. You and your sis should be able to enjoy your time there.


Its a free form pool with zero entry, but as far as theming goes IMO it was fairly bland. It is a nice pool and naturally being a deluxe it has a slide, which I never got to use :frowning:
If you are just relaxing around it, yes you will do fine plenty of lounge chairs around. I just wish there were better views of animals when I was there. That would have been really cool to me!

Blizzard beach def need to go to summit plummet!


Its ome of the largest and nicest pools in Disney.


It’s a beautiful pool with alot of lounge chairs and the Utizma pool bar is really nice too just to sit there!!!


Beautiful surroundings as you are using the pool. It’s very large and peaceful. Even when there are a lot of people, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the noise or busyness. Your sister will love it, as it’s not one of those types of pools with 10,000 screaming children running around.


I’ve never stayed there but if you’d like to see pictures of the pool you can go to allears.net and click on accommodations. You can see a lot of pictures for all resorts.:blush:


It is a nice pool, however when we were there it was very warm. Too warm to be refreshing. I felt like I was taking a bath with 100 strangers.


Of course it’s a nice big pool. That’s it’s main function. It’s more interesting than the Contemporary’s pool or the GF’s pool., but it’s no Stormalong Bay.
If you want sizzle with your pool, choose the Poly, Yacht/Beach, WL, or Boardwalk. Perhaps even one of the mods as well, though I’m not a pool person and when we’ve stayed at mods, didn’t really go seeking the main pools, though we seemed to be near the satellites at CBR and POR.
But the AKL pool is fine for it’s primary function, swimming.


It’s a relaxing pool and DH and I don’t have kids and we tend to sit back towards the hot tubs near the bird savanah away from the hustle and bustle of the pool.


It’s a really nice pool. Better than most. It might be the most scenic of all the pools.


DH, DS, DBIL all enjoyed the AKL pool very much. No kids, just adults. The deck around the pool is very large and you can position yourself away from or as close to the action as you want to be. Not to mention, the pool bar (our favorite) and the food service area, are just a few steps away. The rest rooms are huge and very clean and they have showers. The arcade is right ther as well, so you won’t get bored if you don’t want to.


The restrooms are awesome. I couldn’t believe it the first time I went in there. You can feel comfortable taking a shower and cleaning up before leaving for your flight.


Blizzard beach is so fun. You will just love it. We loved everything.
Mt. Gushmore is the centerpiece of BB. Its snow-covered peaks tower over the waterpark and mark the beginning of several of BB’s rides.

The two biggest “thrill-ride” slides are on Mt. Gushmore – Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher.

Summit Plummet is a 120 foot high ski jump that you shoot down at speeds of 60-mph.

Slush Gusher is 90 foot high double-humped slide. The most common complaint you hear about these rides is from women who have “lost” the tops of their bathing suits from the speed and force of the drop.

Teamboat Springs is the world’s longest family white-water raft ride. Three to six passengers can ride this not-so-tame 1,200-foot flume. I’ve been on this one with small children who squeal with glee as you twist and turn down the drop and I’ve also been on this ride with adults who were surprised by the speed and thrills of the ride. If you don’t have enough riders in your group, the lifeguards will combine groups.

The Toboggan Racer is a head-first eight lane race course. You lay on a mat and ride the course as it dips and propels you down the mountain side of Mt. Gushmore.

The Downhill Double Dipper is the world’s only side-by-side tube racing slides. The slides are identical and are enclosed for part of the run. The tubes are approximately twice the diameter of the enclosed run at Runoff Rapids. The slides are setup as a race and run straight down the hill. Passengers travel at speeds up to 25 mph.

Snow Stormers is a trio of mat slides flumes that race down the mountain on a switch-back course through ski-type slalom gates.

Runoff Rapids is actually three high-speed tube-raft twisting turning flumes. The center slide is enclosed and you must ride this one solo, but the two outer slides can be ridden on one-, two-, or three-person rafts. The center enclosed slide is by far the best of the three, but beware, one time that I rode it I somehow got turned around in the current just as I entered the tube and rode the whole slide facing backwards!

Chair Lift to the top of Mt. Gushmore – The ski-resort styled wooden-bench chair lift is complete with snow skis and over-head umbrellas. You can either take the ski lift to the top of Mt. Gushmore or, if you prefer, there are stairs.


We really love the pool at AKL! It is so large, we have never felt like it was crowded. Zero entry is a great feature and the hot tubs are large and great for relaxing. There is so much room in and around the pool.

Check out a photo from our last trip. This was taken during a crowded time of year (Presidents day weekend) It will give you an idea of how much room you have. I couldn’t even get the whole pool in the photo!:laugh: : http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/trip-reports/34757-mickeymottos-freezing-february-photo-trip-report-5.html

Last summer we stayed at the Poly and I felt the pool was way too crowded and it is much smaller than the one at AKL. I had to go to the quiet pool for some peace and break from the crowds.

I really think you will be pleased with the pool at AKL.:happy:


Jennartz handled BB rather well. Your usually safe in going from Highest to lowest attractions. But in August, get there early if possible. BB is very hot at 1 pm.


Thanks for all the help. I haven’t been to BB in years and am excited to go back!! The pool at AKL looks extremely relaxing. Thanks again!!!


the pool at the AKL is gorgeous. It’s huge…realxing…totally awesome, no children necessary…lol


Thank you so much! My dad will like the family ride, and I will be sure to beat my sister on the Downhill Double Dipper. And I suppose I should tie my suit very tightly when I attempt Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher.:laugh: BB really sounds like an awesome park! I am super excited!!! :laugh: :laugh:


Thanks everyone for your opinions! I can’t wait to be at a relaxing pool. Especially after this weekend, since I had to pull a kid out of the deep end.:eek: …apparently he couldn’t swim. I am looking forward to NOT worrying about all the children running around! Thanks again!