AKL Presidential Suite (Waiting for someone to wake me up . . . !)


Fellow Mousebuzzers, I am writing to share this with all of you because you folks are able to appreciate my story . . .
OMG! I’ve died and gone to Heaven! We arrived in Orlando late yesterday afternoon. It was raining, but the heat was not unbearable. We hopped on the Magical Express to WDW and arrived at the Animal Kingdom Villas to check in. Well, unfortunately, they’d overbooked and, as a result, we were upgraded from a one bedroom unit to the Presidential Suite! It is a two-bedroom “apartment” that sleeps eight (according to Managment. In my opinion 18 could sleep here comfortably This place is larger than my whole house!) The master bedroom suite has a kiing-size canopied bed, several wardrobes that light up when you open the doors, a large plasma TV and a walk-out balcony where one can lounge/bidet and watch the animals on the savannah. The bath area is actually a multi-room configuaration: it houses a large clawfoot whirlpool tub, double sinks/vanity area, TV, separate toilet room, and a walk-in shower with double nozzles that can accommodate at least four or five folks comfortably! Honest! Oh! The master suite also has a separate sitting area with couch, chairs, and TV. The living room is a huge circular room. Windows covering half the room overlook the savannah. There is another large plasma TV with a Bose surround sound system and comfortable seating for 8. Fireplace, too. There is a large kitchen with a full size refrigerator, microwave, cabinets, assorted applicances, etc.There is a separate formal dining room with seating for 8. There are two more bathrooms in the apt. The other bedroom has two queen sized beds, a plasma tv and a walk-out balcony. Actually, the balcony runs the length of the apt.

We move to POFQ tomorrow, but we are living in the lap of luxury while we have the opportunity! This suite is so over the top. I keep asking my DD if I am dreaming . . . ! At the moment, it sure feels like I am living in a dream world.

And, I almost forgot to mention that we are entitled to utilize the concierge service and refreshments. Yikes!:ohmy:


Holy cow, that’s some upgrade! Enjoy it while it lasts, it would be a once in a life time for us.


That is soooooo awesome! Have a great time and enjoy!


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to share with us. And congrat, what a wonderful surprise


WOW, how wonderful for you!!! Don’t forget to post pictures!!!:laugh:


OMG!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats, you just won the Disney lottery! :laugh: TAKE LOTS OF PICS!


Oh my goodness!!! WOW!!!



Gotta love upgrades!


Oh my gosh!!! What an upgrade!!! WOW!!!

Can’t wait for PICTURES!!! :happy: :happy: :happy:


WWWWOOOOWWWW,what an upgrade we are all happy for you congradulations…but we all I beat are wishing it could happen to us. Please remember to take a lot of pictures and share with us…congrats again.


WOW!!! This is your lucky day! Take lots of pics, we’d love to see them! :happy:




That’s an amazing upgrade! I think I’d stay in the suite all day and forget WDW (just for the day of course) to be able to really soak it all in! Have a wonderful and luxurious evening!


Wow, that is fantastic. I sure hope that you are taking lots of pictures :wink:


Holy upgrade!! Congrats.


Wow that is great hope you are having a blast, and can’t wait to see the pics.


Wow Lopo- that’s excellent!! PLease post some photos!


This would never happen to me.
The closest I’ve ever been to the Presidential Suite was walking past it on the way to our room down the hall.


Wow how cool is that you were soaked with a magical upgrade at the most magical place on earth!!! Enjoy! :slight_smile: and I hope that magic rubs onto me!


:ohmy: That is the coolest upgrade that I’ve ever heard!!! Pictures please and lots of them!