AKL Question


Our family is considering the AKL for our upcoming visit. I was wondering what some of your favorite things to do at the AKL are? What activites do they have and any opinions on it?


I loved the AKL. The only thing that bothered me was the walk to our room. We had to hike down hallways to get to the elevator then go and hike down another hallway to get to our room. When you’ve been walking the parks all day…hiking was the last thing I wanted to do. I know that if I would have gotten a room a little closer to the lobby I would have had nothing to complain about. Besides that we loved it!! The view from our room was wonderful. We always saw animals outside our balcony not just in the morning.

We at the Mara and Boma. We really liked both of them. Mara was a yummy food court and Boma was delicious.

I am sure you and your family will like it.:happy:


I like to nap in the lobby. :laugh: Does that count??


AKL is my absolute favorite WDW resort. The theme, service, transportation, animals are awesome! You walk into what feels like an african village and the theme carries through out every inch of that resort. Having animals outside your window every morning is a pleasure that I cannot even describe. The pool is HUGE! The different look-out points for viewing animals are cool too…like a mini zoo of sorts, but cleaner…lol You are absoltuely going to love it there.


Cleaner and smells much nicer than a zoo.


definately! They do such a wonderful job there. I love the sounds that those huge bull-like animals make…kinda like a MOOOOO…it’s hysterical. I have a wonderful memory of my whole troupe outside on the balcony mooing back at him (the main man bull)…lol

Oh I almost forgot…they have stories at night for the kiddies, and you can get a “walk-through” tour type thing. You have to talk to the wonderful cast members there…they are so sweet!


Did I mention the cool shop? I love that shop. They have all kinds of neat African type decore, gowns and some wonderful T’s. They have my favorite pooh shirt with the tiger and it’s says “tigger is that you?” …lol you can find the same thing at the AK park, but it’s still cool…lol


That shirt is too cute!! I also love the music that is playing in the lobby. You definetly feel like you have entered an African savannah kind of place.


I forgot all about the music! It seems so natural there that you really don’t notice it. I can’t wait to go back there…next august for sure. There is no other resort for my next trip!


We stayed there last week. With my kids being older, we didn’t look into all the things they offer for children, but I know there’s many. One time when we walked in the lobby, there was a group of 4,5 or 6 year olds gathered around a huge circle on the floor, with a CM talking with them, as they were coloring the paper over the etched designs on the floor, creating a picture. I’ve been through that lobby a hundred times, and never seen the designs on the floor. That’s what so grand about the resort. Soooooo much to look at! I highly recommend experiencing it!


Dana just convinced me that having AKL in my “top 3 resorts I most want to stay at” is a good choice! :eek: Wow, does it ever sound magical. :wub:


Just wander around and look at everything. That’ll kill a few hours right there. Did anybody else mention the small public balconies that look out onto the savanah?


That’s cause they’re animatronicals.


Can they make audioanimatronic CMs too, who automatically upgrade your room without you having to ask? :tongue:


No, that’s prohibited by Sixth Day laws or something.


Bummer. Ah well, I guess it must be nice for the animal keepers to not have to clean up all that doodoo…



Yeah, but when they spray hydraulic fluid, it’s worse than when Stitch popped a stitch.


Hoo boy, now that sounds like a mess! (Do you get to see that kind of thing happen from your room? :huh: :biggrin:)

Oh dear. This is like the worst hijack ever.


I think I might have missed the joke??? The animals you see in the Savannah and from Savannah view rooms are real right?:confused:


Yes. :tongue: Sorry, it was a big joke and we kind of hijacked the thread. My apologies millermouse! The animals are all 100% real, I promise.