AKL Savanna View Bunk Beds Room


Has anyone had the pleasure of staying in an AKL Savanna view room with bunk beds? My son is sooooo excited about bunk beds right now. So, we’d like this to be a little surprise for him.

I notice that the Disney.com description says the room includes two queen-sized beds, one queen-sized bed with bunk beds, OR one king-sized bed. If I pay for bunkbeds, I’d like to have bunkbeds and not a king-sized bed. Do you know how this works? If there is no guarantee I’ll be given a room with bunk beds, I’ll gladly choose the regular Savanna view room for $141 less.

Also, are bunk bed rooms in one area or a specific type of area of the hotel? What I’ve gotten from other threads is that certain rooms are usually contained in certain areas of the hotel.



If you book bunk beds and you book for a family of three, they are not going to give you a king. I really can’t comment on how many there are or where they are concentrated. When we’ve stayed at AKL we’ve gotten two queens or one king. The only time we ever saw bunks was at WL and we didn’t book, pay, or ask for them.


We’ve had bunk bed rooms twice. Both times they came with one Queen size bed and the bunk beds. Also, both times they were Savannah rooms. My DS’s absolutely loved them. It was great to see them share, taking turns who got to sleep on top. It seemed like they slept better also, not pushing and shoving each other like they usually do sharing a queen.


Last year my dh and I stayed at AKL. We got a room with one queen and bunk beds, but we didn’t ask for it. We would have prefered a king room, but they didn’t have any available. The rooms feel more spacious with the bunk beds, and I think for kids they would be great!!


Thanks so much!


I would love to stay somewhere with the bunk beds my kids would love it! Would you reccomend WL or AKL? And why?


Well, we’ve got bunk beds next week at WL and don’t need or want them. It’s all they had.


AKL - Every morning my DS’s would get out of the bunk beds, tip toe past us (they thought we were still sleeping), picked up cereal and milk, and quietly exited on to the balcony, sitting there watching the zebras and giraffes as they ate their breakfast. One of my best memories I have of WDW.


we stayed in the room with the bunk beds- it was a queen and the bunks- I loved it because we were able to have two kids on the bunks- the pack and play in between the bunks and the queen and Parker was on the floor next to the bunk (he falls out of bed anyhow) it worked out great! (there was just no room left for the luggage since the furniture is so large in a small room)


We just stayed there Nov. 1-8 and had bunk beds with a queen bed. We asked for them and got what we wanted but the room was looking at the pool. We didn’t mind because we have stayed there before with savanna rooms. I think the bunk bed rooms are spread around the resort because we had them once before and remember looking at the animals.