AKL - Savannah Rooms - are they worth it?


Trying to decide AKL or BC for our Dec. trip. Never been to AKL, if I go I would want a Savannah view room but are they really worth it?

Do you get to see many animals?

If so, is the viewing better in the morning or at night?



We had a savanna view this past December and loved it. There was a lot of animal action almost all day! Don’t know if we just hit it right or what, but it was awesome. A note, though. We didn’t pay any extra for the Arusha view room and I see now there’s a little extra cost involved. The smaller savannas don’t have as many animals but I would still do that over the standard view. The pool view looks like it might be nice. But the animals . . . :wub:


in a word, yes! I have to say that I didn’t see many animals at night, but that is due to the fact that we didn’t get back from the parks or DTD until pretty late, but mornings and midday (when we went back for naps!) were great times to view animals. The rooms are gorgeous and the view is spectacular! Enjoy!


It is most definitely worth it!! We had animals outside our room morning, noon and night!!


We got a standard view and ended up with a room that was in a corner and we still could see a few animals in the morning and evenings. We could also see animals from the many hall and lobby windows. It was very cool.


We have gotten the Savannah view on our last trip to the AKV and when we go in May we are getting the Savannah View again. We just could not go without it. You see many animals and throughout the day it is fun to watch the animals behaviors. You begin to see a daily pattern that the animals have everyday it is quite fun. It is work every penny.


Yes, Yes, Yes! I’ve said this before, but there truly is nothing like coming back from a busy day at the parks, grabbing a glass of wine and sitting out on the balcony, unwinding while watching the animals in their natural habitat. The last time we were at AKV, we only had so many points, so we went the one bedroom pool view route, rather than the studio savannah view. I pouted a lot. I didn’t realize how much a part of my vacation is watching the animals. This upcoming trip we are in a studio savannah view, where I will be very content!


It is wonderful to wake up in the morning, open the balcony and see giraffes grazing. That being said; if you are looking to save money, there are great public viewing areas too.

I guess it’s up to you. We certainly felt it was worth it; just made staying at Kidani Village more special - but whether you have a Savannah room or not; AKL is a fantastic resort and you will see a lot of animals, whether from public areas or your own room.


My daughter, who was sixteen at the time, was naming all the giraffe’s and other animals. Her favorite was JoJo the giraffe. It was so cute.


We’ve never paid for a Savannah view room but we have got one nearly every stay at AKL! The best had to be the room last trip, it was in the corner of the Savannah, right infront of the animal housing - didn’t think we would see a thing because of the location but we saw everything! Giraffes and wilderbeast almost all day every day, especially first thing of a morning and late evening, the giraffes slept outside our room, it was amazing. We also saw them being fed in the morning, because we were right by the gate that allowed the vehicles onto the savannah, the animals knew where to go at feeding time and there would be dozens of them right outside the room! I’ll have to try and find some pics to show what I mean!


This pic kind of gives you an idea of what I mean! Not the most attractive view BUT we did see A LOT of animals!


We had dinner @ Sanna during one of our trips and were seated at a table next to the window…Wow! what a view of the Savannah we had. I’m sure the room views are just as AWESOME.

I’ve never stayed @ AKL but having a room with a Savannah view is high on my list. I think I would sit out on the balcony every morning and take it all in and I’m sure my kids would enjoy it tremendously.


When we were at AKV 2 years ago I would get some breakfast and sit out on the balcony and watch the animal. One of the most relaxing things in the world to do. We almost did not get a savannah view this time but forked over the points to do it cause we know we love it. It is something that I’m really looking forward to on our next trip.


Yes and no…

We had a savanna view last time we stayed at AKL and it is amazing. To wake up in the morning and have coffee on the balcony in your chair watching the animals have their breakfast too… life doesn’t get any better than that. YET, you can go down to the lobby and have the same view of the animals with coffee in hand sitting on a rocking chair. Granted, you won’t want to go down in your PJ’s and slippers (well maybe you do, I don’t know) but you can still get the view.

Having said that, I am a very practical person, so I would not book the Savanna view again… I would enjoy the animals from the designated viewing areas of the resort. Even if the resort didn’t have savanna view rooms as an option, the resort would still be amazing with fabulous views.