AKL to Wild World of Sports?


Hey guys! I need to get to Wild World of Sports to pick up our running packets for the 5K. Am I really going to be forced to go to an All-Star or Caribbean Beach in order to get a bus to go there?

16 more days until I am with the mouse!!!


I honestly don’t recall seeing many buses to Wide World of Sports from any resort or park, ever.
For whatever reason, the OLP Transport Wiz says you have to take a bus from AKL to DHS and transfer to a WWoS bus from there.

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel

In fact, it is beginning to look like the only connection to WWoS is through DHS.

By the way, even if you try to go from All Stars or CBR, you’ll need to go through DHS.


Thanks Soundgod! Like running a 5K during vacation isn’t a big enough pain! Oh well… AKL -----> DHS -----> WWoS it is!


I wonder if you checked with guest services at the front desk, that they could arrange for a van to pick you up to get over there.


I know that catching the bus at DHS was the way we got to WWoS a year and a half ago, but I think they may have changed that now and actually discontinued the buses from DHS to WWoS and made the pickups somewhere else. I could be totally wrong, but I thought I remembered seeing that a few months back. I would definitely check at the front desk of your resort to be sure.


This past March the HS bus to WWoS was not running. CM’s at WL said they moved it to POP and one of the AS resorts that week due to getting kids to the site for their compatitions. Check w/ the front desk when you are there.


Karen, I’m not even sure the last time I saw a WWoS bus anywhere.
Our most recent trips were Dec 1, May 14(ish), and August 5.

Beth, you might be right about having to arrange a shuttle through your hotel’s front desk or lobby concierge.


Ok… I am starting to think that signing up for this run was a huge hassle! Oh well-- a morning 5K through MK and tickets to MNSSHP, I guess it will be worth it!

I will let everyone know how I managed it!


It is entirely possible, and actually very likely that arrangements have been made to get marathon participants from their various resorts to WWoS on the morning of the event and to return those guests to their resorts.
I’d strongly suggest contacting event organizers for more information. I have to admit that I missed in your first post the reason why you wanted to go to WWoS.

One of our members, Ddoll, has done some of the marathons in the past. I’d suggest you contact her via a private message and ask her what she did.