AKL villas


Does anyone have any experience with staying at the AKL villas in a studio? Do you know what size the main bed is? And I believe that it then has a sleeper sofa that is a full?
On another note–What resorts can use Storm along Bay? What does Storm along Bay have in it? Is it good enough to skip the water park option and just go there if we stay at one of the resorts?


I don’t have any info about the AKL villas, but I can answer one of your questions about Stormalong Bay. It is technically the pool for the Beach Club and Yacht Club, and you must be staying at one of those resorts in order to use it.

Whether or not it’s good enough to skip the water parks really depends on whether your have children in your party/what ages they are/how many thrills you are looking for. Stormalong Bay doesn’t offer the thrills that a lot of the bigger slides at the water parks will, nor does it have a big wave pool, which is a big draw to the water parks for a lot of people.

Hope that helps some! :smile:


If you want a waterpark, Stormalong Bay will not satisfy your itch. If you just want something a little more than a concrete bottomed pool, it will probably do.
It has a small lazy river, a decent themed waterslide, and a sand bottomed pool section. But I don’t see the percentages in resort pool hopping, especially when there are two good waterparks that are served directly by bus from your own resort. You won’t find anything like the 100’ drop of the Summit Plummit waterslide at Blizzard Beach or the Crush ‘n’ Gusher water coaster at Typhoon Lagoon or any of the other water rides and slides.
I believe DVC guests can hop to other DVC resort pools. Regular resort guests are not allowed to hop.

I’ve stayed in hotel rooms at AKL and know that the standard size bed is a queen. In fact it’s two queens, one king, or a queen and bunk beds. We stayed at OKW a few years back and had a queen there as well.
So, based on these facts, I’d be comfortable in telling you it’s a queen.
I’m sure the sleeper is a full. I’ve never opened one at WDW but I’ve never seen one that wasn’t a full.