AKL villas


We are considering renting points for an upcoming trip. Tell me all about it and what you like and dislike about this resort. Thanks!!


We stayed at Kidani, and it was magnificent.

First, I will tell you about the only small setback, which is not much, and then I will go on and on about how incredible the place is!

Khe small setback is Sanaa, the Kidani restaurant. It is not open at breakfast, and during lunch and dinner, it features food that is fun for one meal, but not the kind of food you’d want to eat all the time. So, for breakfast or regular CS food stuff, you have to stroll next door to Jambo House, which is a couple of minutes walking along a beautiful path.

See? I told you it was not a big deal. Now on to the magnificence of Kidani. First, the lobby is fabulous, just like AKL but small enough so that the CM who checks you in will also recognize you when you walk thorugh the lobby all week and will send you a nice hello!

The savannah is awesome, with plenty of really active animals and a large fire pit surrounded by rocking chairs for evening viewing.

The swimming pool is THE BEST IN ALL WDW, with the possible exception of Stormalong Bay. I can’t say enough about this pool, and I will log back on later with links to a few peoples’ trip reports that feature a lot of Kidani pool pics so you can see for yourself. We could have had an entire vacation just at the pool.

The rooms are built on an arc, like at AKL, but the parking is underneath the buildings! So if you are planning to drive, you will park underneath your room and take an elevator up, making it soooooo easy to get from room to car and back. Nice!

Bus service is excellent, maybe the best on property.

The rooms’ theming is extraordinary! Love the Hidden Mickeys and the luxury of the decor! Just wait until you see the bathrooms… and the kitchens are terrific, even in the studios.

The Community Center at Kidani is fabulous and has a great pool table, which we enjoyed quite often. Plenty of video games - Wii, etc. - and crafts for kids. And in the evening, CMs come into the lobby and play thrilling African drums and sing songs and they actually ge all the kids and a lot of the adults to dance around with them! FUN!

As for the bartenders – the pool bartender serves a lovely poolside cocktail and the bartender downstairs from the lobby is awesome, mixing expert beverages!

Did I leave anything out?


We stayed there last June for 7 nights and absolutely LOVED it. I can’t even think of something we didn’t like, perhaps I’d echo MissDisney’s comment that Sanaa doesn’t serve breakfast or lunch (when we were there it didn’t open until 5pm, not sure if that’s changed). Since it’s a DVC villa we kept small breakfast items in our fridge so that was never a problem but it was also never a problem going up to the big Lodge for the Mara (quick service) or Boma. All of the park buses (except DtD) stop at the big Lodge right AFTER Kidani so if you didn’t feel like doing the quick walk (about a 7-8 minute walk) you could just jump on any park bus & get off at the AKL.

Otherwise, in my opinion, everything was totally perfect. Some of the most friendly & hospitable CMs ever, it’s peaceful & quiet, the Community Hall is fun & there is a big arcade, at night there is a gorgeous firepit with rocking chairs out by the savannah, the gift shop & DVC grocery area is well stocked, & the pool area is stellar, even the bar out by the pool is awesome.

There are lots of pics in my “I <3 Kidani” TR if you want to see some:


Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY agree with that! I was under that waterfall nearly EVERYDAY! :happy: LOVE their pool area!


PS: if it’s a facility you’re interested in using, the gym is AWESOME! Everything was so new & nice, plus there are big tinted windows that overlook the pool area & pretty foliage. (I think you can mostly see out… rather than people looking in on you :laugh:)


We were there in mid-July and it had opened for lunch. We had those little pots of stewed meats with several types of bread to eat with. A very fun dining adventure!


The walk from Jambo to Kidani is just 5 mins so there is other food options available, or take the shuttle. I too agree that the shuttle service was Great! I didn’t use the gym (due to illness) but my DF and DH did and they loved it.


So are all DVC rooms in Kidani Village? You guys are doing an awesome job of selling me on AKL!!!


No, some of the DVC rooms are in Jambo. You will know when you book which part of the resort you are booked in, you have to book one or the other.


I am clueless on this-is Kidani Village a better location?


Well Kidani village is 100% DVC villas, I just assumed you were staying there when you said you were interested in renting points. A small amount of “villas” were built into Jambo House BEFORE Kidani was built, but there aren’t a whole lot. Given the choice I’d stay at Kidani.


I agree with the others who sing praises of Kidani!! I absolutely love, love, love it!! The breakfast issue was a little setback, but we had rented a car and drove over to Jambo house (although the walk was only 5 minutes). That would be my only negative (again, small one) about it. We’re going back in August and I can’t wait.


I dream of retiring permanently to a 2-bedroom villa at Kidani…


We just got back from Kidani and I echo all of the positive things said here. We loved it and plan to stay there again in the future.

The only negative would be that since the resort is quite a distance away from MK and EPCOT, the bus rides could be a little long. Especially after a long day in the park. But once you get off the bus…


Thanks, everyone!! We are booked for 10 nights in a savannah view studio in Kidani!! I am soooo very excited, maybe more so than my kids!!


The kid’s post card from Mickey is on it’s way. Maybe he should have sent YOU one instead! :laugh:


THANK YOU!! They are going to be thrilled!! Thanks again for being so great to work with!!!:mickey:


You are a VERY LUCKY FAMILY! It will be your favorite resort by the time you unpack. Looooove it!


You too!:ohmy: