We are looking into staying at AKL next Christmas. We want to stay in a Savannah view concierge level. We will be renting points. Is it guaranteed that we will get a Savannah view room on the concierge level? Has anyone stayed in the concierge Savannah view rooms? I would love any information.


AKL only has a limited number of rooms on the actual concierge floor. Overflow guests are usually housed on the 5th floor and almost all get savannah rooms.
For the most accurate info, I’d try talking directly with AKL.
Once you have booked any concierge room, you’ll be given contact information for your resort’s Itinerary Planning Office and they should be able to help you with anything.


I was unsuccessful several times trying to rent points to get a concierge room at AKL. Since you are planning for Christmas, I would try to have your room booked as soon as you are eligible.

We will be there in two weeks, so I’ll report back. Soundgod, I wasn’t aware that the concierge floor didn’t have all of the concierge rooms. Thanks for that info.


Would we still get all the perks of being on the concierge floor such as the sunrise safari?


If you pay for concierge, you have full access to everything. You just have to go upstairs to the lounge. There is a staircase as well as the elevators, you just need your room key for access. You also definitely can book the sunrise safari even if you’re not on the sixth floor, just so long as you’re a concierge guest.
I know this for a fact. We were concierge guests and had our room on the fifth floor, not the sixth and took the sunrise safari on a Sunday morning.


OK, I hate to threadjack, but I am staying at AKV in a Savannah View Studio Thanksgiving week. It would cost me $120 more for the 5 nights to stay Concierge. IS IT WORTH IT?? What exactly do you get, staying Concierge Level? What perks are offered? And what’s this about the Sunrise Safari…is it free to Concierge level guests or is it an added fee?



If you stay in the Concierge, you get daily maid service which for me is a plus! It drives me crazy that DH and DKids do not think it is important to make the bed when they get up. I like to come back to a nice neat room each night. Since we have started staying DVC, I have had to deal with that minor inconvenience. That plus the continental breakfast, nightly beverage and snacks, and the ability to book the sunrise safari make it worth the extra money. There is an additional fee for the Sunrise Safari though.