AKLV Points For Rent


Chast and I have about 255 points to rent. The home resort is AKLV. They need to be used before April 1, 2009.

We are charging $11 per point and are not necessarily looking to rent the entire block to one person of course, but we are hoping to get all of them rented. If you’re interested, pm me and we’ll talk about specifics.

Hope to hear from y’all soon!



Jan 29-Feb 1 what will it cost me?


PM lovemysons, she wants to go in March!!! Do it, please :blush:


Thanks for the tip, Dopey!!! Sent one off to her today.


Just bumping it up!


Still have 255 points for rent. Must be used by April 1, 2009. Our home resort is AKLV, but points are not restricted to that resort. We’re charging $11 a point.


Chast and I still have lots of points to rent. We need to use then by April 2009. $11 a point.