AKV Aug 25th - Sept 2 + 3 day cruise


Well, it was a great trip. I will try and keep this short and sweet. I don’t really have much choice because if I don’t do this live I tend to forget a lot of stuff we did.

Because we were taking the cruise and had to get to the ship somehow we decided to rent a car for the entire duration of the trip. I know some of you like specifics so here they are. It would have cost me close to $300 to take Disney’s bus to the cruise ship. The Toyota Rav4 cost me just under $600. I was going to have to spend the $300 anyway so in my mind the car cost me three. I put around $50 or so in gas plus decided to valet which was another $100.

This is our fourth trip and our first with a car. I have seen and read many discussions on this subject on the pros and cons of a car at DW so I wanted to try it myself. I was concerned about getting lost. I am an ex-truck driver but if I cant get my bearings (N,S,E,W) I’m almost as lost as my DW. I said ALMOST!

While I did get lost a few times, for the most part, the signs make the area almost dummy proof.

For you east coasters it’s a short hop, but for us, it’s a solid day of travel. We landed at 4:30 pm and were in the rental car by 5:15 on our way. The signs from the airport led me all the way there. No need for gps.


We arrived with no worries and got room 7756. My first stay at my home resort. The resort is five star all the way. we got a one bedroom on the third floor and quite a walk to the lobby. No big, expected it. Oh, I forgot to say that on this trip it’s just me, DW and DD (10). DS (16) is totally burnt out on Disney. I can totally see his point of view. Who would want to stay at a five star property with world class cuisine and a great pool while surrounded by the friendliest people on earth. Sure, I get it.

It is our first trip where we did not bring a princess dress. Well, she did it for 6 years. Guess we had a great run, but she’s growing up.

About the room. Very nice, very HUGE!! I think the master bath rivaled the size of the entire room on the cruise ship. It was a bit dark for DW, but we really enjoyed our stay there and look forward to going back.

Here are some pics of the room:


HS had emh"s so we headed off shortly after we arrived. Having the car was way faster and easier in my opinion. when we wanted to go, we just went. Parking was always easy and free if you are staying on Disney property. DD wanted to ride TOT. Not my or DW’s favorite, but anything for the princess!! In the first pic me, DD, and DW on the far lower left of the car.


We rode RNRC and walked around a bit. Tired from the day of travel, we headed for the room.

Epcot is DW’s favorite and the park we would visit on the first day. I did make a wrong turn and followed the signs that said “Epcot Resorts”.

One of the cool things about valet parking at a Disney property is that it gets you valet parking at ALL the Disney properties.

So, we just valet parked at Boardwalk and took the boat into Epcot.

We didn’t ride much that day. Test track was down. DD did the Kim Possible adventure. Didn’t enjoy it as much as last year.

DW really loves the funky orange drink found in the French section of the world. Have to admit, it’s pretty good.


You will notice in this picture the backpack DD is wearing with the baby head sticking out. Well, we ate at the American Pavilion and, after finishing, she forgot it at the table. We didn’t realize it for probably an hour. DD remembered where she left it and we headed back. I was a bit worried that it might have been taken, but when we got there it had a private guard. It was quite comical to see this very serious Disney security guard watching over it and see my daughter just walk up and take it and walk away.

It wasn’t till after that I realized why he was there. An unattended package is a serious affair these days and the baby head sticking out didn’t help matters.


Love your report, on with it, I am waitinnnnnga :biggrin:


More pics from Epcot…


I would have loved a car when we stayed at AKL…the bus trip was soo long. I love the story about the backpack…I love that she wouldn’t wear a princess dress but would carry a doll around at her age…that is awesome!


Thanks, workin on it! had my dad’s 70th bday party to get to.


DW had to wait for one bus while I was golfing and she said three MK busses came before a HS one came. Over 25 mins. I think the fact she doesn’t want to wear the dresses is hardest on me. But now we all ride the big rides together. So, we trade one fun thing for another.


oh ok, you are forgiven, heehe. Was it a good party?


I took my clubs and set a goal to play all of the courses Disney has to offer. Some of you women might get upset at the notion but with the time change, My family usually can’t get ready much before noon. So my plan was to get up early, play golf and be back before they were ready. I played the Palm course first. It rained so much that it was very wet. Still had a great time.

I want to pass on a tip for anyone planning on golfing. If you have the water parks and more add on, you can golf for $40. The catch is you have to just walk up and take what’s available. I never had a problem getting on. Forty bucks to play world class golf with a GPS equipped cart. Premo deal!

Also, another cool thing you can do if you are a DVC member is become a DVC golf member. It gets you discounts on proshop stuff but the big thing it does is get you complimentary cab fare to and from the golf course. $50 is the cost. If you want to play golf and don’t have a car, it would pay for itself in a hurry. Even though I had a car I used it mainly so i didn’t have to worry about getting lost.

Sorry, kept forgetting the camera while golfing so I don’t have too many pics of the courses, but they were all very nice.

After shooting 90, I headed back and then the plan was Blizzard Beach.
We don’t have too many pics from there, either because we didn’t want to get the camera wet. Don’t let the jacket my DD is wearing fool you, it was HOT!!

The slides were better there than at Typhoon Lagoon but it was crowded. They also don’t have the big wave machine. Very fun, though.

One thing cool about having the car is eating off the beaten path. We stumbled upon a place called Charley’s Steakhouse. The next day a CM told us it was ranked top ten in the nation. I believe it. If you can get there you won’t be sorry.


It was a great party. I decided last minute to get my dad some gag gifts to go along with real gift I got him. It consisted of things like, ex-lax, depends diapers, etc. No one else really even brought a gift. Mostly just cards so it went off really well. You can never be sure about gifts like that.


Well, I don’t have any park pics for Sat. so I guess we stayed at the resort (which was our plan). Boy, did we get rained on that day. DW took a million pics of the animals. They were cool. That night, we met a gal my wife has been corresponding with for over 10 years online but never met. We met them at Disneyquest and had a great time. Dinner before was at Rainforest Cafe. We shared the nachos. We eat there all the time and always enjoy it.


Sunday morning brought another round of golf. Another cool thing about having the pass is the 9 hole course is free. Not as well kept as the other and a lot more crowded but still had a great time. We saw an alligator next to the #5 tee box. Not a big one, but across the little pond there was a little boy golfing with his dad and getting close to the edge. I yelled out to the father about the gator and he quickly ushered his boy to safety. After shooting 7 over par (I was three over going into the last two holes and double bogeyed the last two holes) but I put my dismal golfing skills behind be and headed back to the room.

Our plan for the day was to head for BLT and check it out. We really liked the resort and can’t wait to stay there. The CM manning the DVC Kiosk was more than willing to let us in and see the models that were on the first floor. Very modern and roomy.

Oh, and btw, we valet parked for free at the contemporary. After the visit to BLT, we hopped on the monorail and headed for MK.


MK had EMH that night so our late afternoon arrival was part of the plan. It wasn’t really that crowded and the stage show at the castle was going on when we walked in so we headed over and went on Splash Mountain with less than a 15 min wait. Same went for TMRR, pirates and the tiki room. DD wasn’t feeling too chipper so we headed to the front to rent a wheel chair. Not sure if she was really sick or it was just the heat but it made her feel better. We went into tomorrowland and rode Stitch, SM, (getting FP’s first) and then onto buzz light year. I must say the CA version is much better. The guns aren’t fixed so it’s a lot easier to aim at the target. I got beat by DW for the first time. Very humiliating but she seemed to enjoy it. HM, splash again and then back to tomorrowland for the laugh floor. Somewhere in there we did Philharmagic. Wish we had that in CA. We used our FP’s for SM and then headed out. It was a great afternoon/evening.


All I can find for monday was animal pics so I think we just hung out by the pool monday. Tuesday I played Osprey Ridge which a links style (European) course. I shot 92 and played by myself which was pretty boring. Still, a very nice GC. I actually remembered the camera for this one so here are some pics.


Jus great! I can’t wait to read and see more. I can understand your missing the princess dresses.


Looking forward to the cruise pics, too!


It’s harder on me than you know. I told her I would buy her dresses in her size but she wasn’t interested. She likes a boy. sob. sob.