AKV Concierge at 7 month window!


I guess it is possible… We’ll be spending Easter week in a 1-bedroom at AKV! I really wanted concierge for my son’s birthday, and since there’s only 5 rooms, I never thought it would be available. So, there’s now room at BCV and BLT since I switched my ressie! I hope we made someone on the waitlist for Beach Club happy :happy:


Congrats! Glad you got what you wished for!


Can’t wait to hear the details of concierge at AKV. I’m thinking thats what we are going to try and get for our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple of years. Didn’t know there were only 5 rooms though. Glad to hear it’s possible at the 7 month window, as AKV is not our home resort. Congrats, and definitely give us details when you get back!


From what I have read, there are 5 2-bedroom lockout units (making 5 studios and 5 1-bedrooms, I assume). I guess that the high Easter week point total was why I could get it at 7 months. It’s about 350 points for 6 nights that week!


CONGRATS! I tell my guests that even if you get it at 11 months it’s like winning a mini lottery, since there are only 10 rooms. How amazing!!!


I thought it would be impossible since it’s Easter. I do feel like I won the lottery :happy:


Congratulations! I am amazed at your good luck, enjoy.