AKV Concierge?


Has anyone ever done the concierge at AKV? Friday I will be at my 7 month window for our trip. We were thinking that may be something different. We always eat breakfast in the room, so I thought it would be convenient to have food available for us in the morning. Also, a nice glass of African wine sounds good for the evening. But, I’m wondering what are the views like? DVC member services really didn’t give me any information other than there is a possibility of having a savannah view. Anyone know the statistics of my chances of getting that view? It’s just that last time we stayed there, we got a pool view, and I pouted much more than what I thought I would. I just love too much sitting on the balcony at night, watching the animals.


We’ve been twice and are going again in April (I was able to book a 1 bedroom concierge room at AKV for Easter week at the 7 month window!)

Honestly, the concierge views are not that good at all. You’re up so high that you really don’t see much. We like the concierge lounge (it’s not amazing, just good) for the snacks and drinks. To see animals, I would not get a concierge room. I will PM you a link from somewhere else showing the room location.


I didn’t know that DVC resorts had a concierge/club level.
I thought that basically DVC is all club level because you have a club level type lounge which serves complimentary snacks and beverages and DVC members all have access to club level type concierge/planning staff, as opposed to a lobby concierge.

That said, we did do club level at AKL and found it to be pretty much on par with the other deluxe resort club levels. And because there are a very limited number of rooms on the actual club level floor, they also booked savanna rooms on the floor below as club level. The only difference was you had to go upstairs and walk farther to the lounge.

This is a link to some pictures I took from our room.


Soundgod, being a DVC newbie, I just wanted to clarify. You mean when I stayed at BCV last trip, I would have been able to find a lounge with complimentary snacks and beverages?


Only DVC with concierge lounge is AK, and I think the concierge level rooms are just at Jambo House.

The is the member lounge at BLT but it’s not concierge and there’s nothing free there except the view of the fireworks. :laugh:

DVC members CAN, if they really want to spend the points, can stay at other WDW resorts that offer concierge level rooms such as Poly, GF, Yacht Club. (By the time you pay the MUCH higher cost per night in points and the reservation fee it’s ALMOST rack rate often.)


Beth, I am not a DVC member so I don’t know what I’m talking about.
That’s why I’d said “I thought” and “I didn’t know”.

But IF the DVC concierge lounge is in Jambo House (or what we call the Animal Kingdom Lodge) then that is the AKL’s concierge lounge and is not exclusive to DVC and again, if that’s what it is, then I have experienced it as an AKL club level guest.

RL, what do I know?
I thought I’ve seen posts from other people that talked about guest lounges at DVC resorts and also free beverages.