We are considering renting points again if we do not get a free dining PIN code. I received the point chart tonite and am torn between AKV, where I have always wanted to try, and BLT-would love to be on the monorail!! Opinions please!!!


tough one …I am not a big fan of akl…so I would stay at lbv why ,like you said monrail…and the closeness of the kingdom…fireworks and all…but I truly understand why people love akl…for me to far and the animal thing is great but not all that important to me …but lbv …the closeness to the kingdom…and grand floridian …the monorail to epcot…and the easy acess to wilderness lodge etc…well tough one good luck with your decision


Why don’t you do what we are doing, split the stay. My family loves AKL, but we wanted to try BLT, so we are doing 2 nights at BLT Magic Kingdom view, and the remainder of the stay AKL. Both are beautiful, and yes, BLT is convenient, but we love the fact that you can escape into peacefulness at AKL after a very busy day at the parks.


Just stayed at Kidani Village in July, and it was absolutely fabulous in every way. Wow, maybe the best pool in all of WDW. Actually, I think I can say it IS the best pool at WDW, short of the mammoth Stormalong Bay.

The rooms and atmosphere, lobby and activities are amazing. Bus service was extremely smooth and fast. Cast members clearly loving their jobs and happy to interact with guests. Plenty of cool animals in the savannah to enjoy, and parking is under the buildings, so the cars were easy to get to and always cool inside.

Every day and evening, there were kids marching around the property “on safari” with fun cast members. They’d tell stories by a roaring fire outside, play games or party in the activity center. We hung out there too, because it has a great pool table in there!

But I have to say the best part of Kidani was that at the end of a busy day in crowded parks, it was a huge “aaahhhhh…” moment every time we went home to Kidani. Just so wonderful.


Monorail is nice if you are going to spend a lot of time at MK and Epcot. Otherwise, bus system or boat is just as good.


I agree…unless the actual AKL is your thing,which I would understand ,then I agree with everything you said…that being said when we go and we don’t stay at SSR …we always stay at port orleans riverside…everyone likes different things


We are doing AKL in January and the reason we chose it was for it’s rooms, BKL didn’t have what we need and was much more money. I would still love to stay there though!