AKV "value" rooms


Has anyone stayed in one? If so do you notice the size difference?

And also… Do the value rooms have savannah views?

(I’m booking our next trip today or tomorrow :happy: and we’ll be going for DH’s b-day in November!)


Value rooms are simply smaller rooms with either a Savanna view or a Standard View. So a Value villa can have a view of the Sunset Savanna, the pool or the parking lot.


Thanks Mike!! I knew you would know!!

So pretty much if I want a definite savanna view then I should book that. That way there is no chancing it…


supposedly when the build the new dvc building they told us that there was going to be a 70% chance that a standard room is going to have an sv view but to reserve early. lol!


I did book in Kidani Village but to be certain we got a savanna view that’s what I booked. It was DH’s only request and it will be his birthday…

Welcome to Mousebuzz DiZ NeE!


When our party stayed this past summer, 3 families stayed in the Savannah View and 2 families stayed in Value. My family and my mom had the value. I don’t remember any size difference between our rooms and my sister’s. Our value rooms were overlooking the pool and just past the pool we saw animals. Plus it was very convenient to the lobby and elevators. My sister, Inlaws and friends had to walk quite a ways to get back to the lobby. It was great for us!! DSis and Mom are staying there this March and have requested Value (we’re staying at BWV).
I’m assuming we had a traditional Value Room and they didn’t upgrade us. Oh, I guess I should add that we are DVC members and we would have had a Villa room…maybe there is a difference outside of the DVC rooms as I think all of the DVC studios are the same size regardless of Value/Savannah views. ??? If you’re not DVC members, have you considered renting points from someone?


Did someone mention renting points. I have points to rent. :laugh: It’s time to pay those annual dues. You can never have too many DVC points EXCEPT when it’s time to pay annual dues! :eek::laugh: $10 per point through 1/15.


Just tryin’ to help you out! Hope you get those points rented! :wink:


Same here!! Hope you get those points rented!! I’m already a DVC owner and have plenty of points for this year, but if I ever need some I’ll know who to ask!