AKV vs BLT Cost Comparison


The impression seems to be that Bay Lake Tower is more expensive than Animal Kingdom Villas. However, people are just looking at the cost p[er point and point charts and not taking into consideration the lower annual maintenance fees at BLT.

If I were somebody just buying into DVC, my two choices today would be AKV and BLT. Over the next 48 years (the life of AKV), BLT would actually cost a bit less.

For example, let’s assume 7 nights in a 1-BR unit in early December in the largest view selection (SV at AKV and LV at BLT). The rooms are comparable in size (807 sqft at AKV and 803 at BLT).

It would cost 205 points at AKV and 223 at BLT. My initial purchase price would therefore be $19,680 at AKV and $23,861 at BLT.

Assuming that that the MF at both would go up the same percentage each year, let’s make the comparison simpler and use the existing MF for 48 years. That would be $965.55 per year for AKV and $818.41 for BLT. I should probably use a higher number for AKV since I’m using 2008 MF for it while using 2009 MF for BLT.

The amount you would pay out of pocket each year over 48 years?

AKV - $1376
BLT - $1316

BLT doesn’t look bad at all from this perspective. Plus, if I take those 223 BLT points and use them at the 7-mo window at OKW, I could get 11 nights in a 1-BR unit in early Dec.


I am not an analytical person AT ALL and everything you said is absolutely correct (which was a huge reason why I decided to add on at BLT) although, when I referred to BLT being “more expensive” than AKV in another thread I was speaking more situationally.

For example, let’s assume you can’t travel during adventure or choice season b/c of your job (like me, a teacher). Let’s say I want to stay from June 24th-31st, for one week in a studio… it would “cost” me the following points:

AKV (savannah view): 135

BLT (MK View): 182
BLT (Lake View): 151

If I was the average person who could only afford to buy 160 points in my initial membership at either resort (and wasn’t dead set ‘in love’ with the new BLT) I’d most likely go for AKV so I could get “more nights” out of my annual points. Using the example above I may be able to squeeze in another 3 night trip at AKVs in a use year whereas that one week at BLT just took up my whole use year’s points.

But you are right about $-wise, the MFs are cheaper at BLT & it kinda evens out the higher per point rate eventually.

Once again, it’s all situational. Just sayin’ that in MY situtation if I was a perspective new member I’d take the incentives at AKVs (which are now over but assuming there will be more), pay less on the whole package price, and enjoy a couple more nights per year.


Congrats on your new “home” Jessica!! I’m still thinking.:pinch:


Thanks, thinking takes awhile, I totally understand. :tongue: We were there at one point too.


Did you just call up to add on? When do they release your points to you? I’m already looking at 320 points this year between SSR and AKL.


I called Thursday night. My use year is August but BLT doesn’t open it’s doors for people to stay there until Sept. '09. Members who own at BLT can start making reservations there on March 1, '09.


Since I bought when I was down there in person, can you post or pm how you went about doing it over the phone? :wub:


Well once you are a member it’s really easy actually. You just call your guide and say “Hey, I wanna add-on 100 points at BLT (or AKV).” You give them your $1k down (although, I think only $500 is the minimum now), they process everything, send you the paperwork… Et Voilà tout! :laugh:


Ah okay…I have to call the guy who I originally bought from… Gotcha…Thanks!


Yeah, you’re locked in with Mr. Dude now. :laugh: