So, I was looking at 2 rooms(studio) at the AKV,value rooms. I checked and that may be what we can afford. Anyone have information on those rooms? Are they small or just a bad view? Or what?


Think studio apartment. Studios are just smaller rooms, basically a standard hotel room with a kitchenette while the next step up is a one bedroom suite with a full kitchen and a living room that doubles as the additional sleep chamber. If you need two bathrooms and don’t really need the kitchen, two studios might serve you better.


So, its no different than a studio at any other DVC resort. I was just wondering why it is cheaper than the other studios? I have stayed at SSR in their studio and OKW. Just thought there was some reason it was less points.


AKV value rooms are a bit smaller. My DH and I stayed in them twice and will again in sept. Once we had a savannah view (not perfect but pretty good) and once pool view (not so great). For us they were fine, depending on the makeup of the group, they might be tight for space with clothes and stuff.


Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge at the two least costly of the deluxe resorts, they share the same rate card.
I would expect WL’s villas to cost the same as AKL’s. If they don’t, it could be because it is so far from the rest of WDW, excepting AK and BB.