AKV/BCV/BWV/2bdr Fall Break,Thanksgiving or Xmas/New Year


We are looking to rent accomodations for five people for five nights. We have 3 adults and 2 children (5 and 7). We prefer [SIZE=“4”] AKV-Savannah View but also like BCV, BWV, or possibly VWL. We would also prefer a two bedroom, but would be ok with a one bedroom at AKV.
We are looking at the following dates:
[li]arrive 10/23 - depart 10/28 (Fall Break!)
[/li] or
[li] 5 nights between 11/20 and 11/26 (Thanksgiving Holiday)
[/li] or
[li] 5 to 7 nights between Dec.27 and January6 (Xmas/NewYears Holiday)

We would also be willing to stay at another WDW resort if our preferences don’t work out.

I would greatly appreciate any responses. Please feel free to PM me
Thank you for your time and consideration, Angie



Thanksgiving is horribly crowded. Possibly the most crowded holiday ever, since it’s only three days. You can’t get anything done. A few years ago, all we did at MK was Hall of Presidents, Transit Authority, and Mark Twain Riverboat.

Christmas/New Years holidays are terribly crowded, as well. But, the rates drop in January (last week of December is peak season).

I highly, highly, highly recommend the fall break trip. Our close family friends moved to Georgia, and they have fall intermission, and went to Disney. No crowds. They said it was wonderful (so jealous). And, I think there’s a Pirate and Princess party going on then!


First welcome to DC!! :biggrin:

I would seriously recommend the two weeks prior to xmas like 10 thru 20th…
that’s when we usually go the lines are small and you still get the xmas feeling :biggrin:

Try looking into the the cabins @ FW…


Thank you both. October is actually my first choice but, it seems hard to find a DVC resort with the exact dates and accommodations that we need. I may go ahead and just book a package at one of the Disney Hotels for October. We are also considered holding off our family vacation til June of 2008. Is Disney crowded in June?

Thanks, Angie


June isn’t too busy until later in the month when the schools let out. But you should know that June is typically a rainy month.

If I had to choose out of those, I’d go for October. The other times are just WAY too crowded for my taste.


The only downside to October is that it is prime hurricane season. We’ve been during October 3 times, only one of which we had a hurricane visit us. (Hurricane Wilma in 2005). I, personally, love October to visit with the Food and Wine festival and the great temperatures and lower crowds.

By the way, I checked on October for my bosses upcoming trip and WOW it was so hard to find something that we had to book them in November (the week before Thanksgiving)