Aladdin here to stay! For now


According to the Parks blog, a lot of people weren’t too happy seeing it leave, and it is here to stay. No word if Toy Story musical will debut or not, but it is still being considered.

Your Wish Has Been Granted: Genie’s Run Extended at Hyperion Theater Disney Parks Blog


YAY! I was thinking that I wouldn’t get a chance to see the show, but I’ll be back at Disneyland Resort in December for my birthday so…YAY! Glad it’s staying :slight_smile:


Ben- it’s great that you’re going to get to see the show. It’s really entertaining and so cleverly put together! Wonderful production values. :wub:


Yes, make it a priority to see it. It is a wonderful show that has very element of emotion tied in it. Great show. :slight_smile:


That is great news, it is a must see


great show,and always fresh because of the genie,heard it might be going ,but I do like the news that it is staying hooray


I’m glad Disney decided to extend Aladdin’s stay in DCA, I wasnt overly thrilled when I heard the DCL Toy Story musical was going to be replacing it (IMO, Disney is using too much Pixar in the parks now-a-days…what ever happend to using some of the good ol’ classics?). So I hope it will still be playing when I go (haven’t looked that far into its extended dates).


my opinion exactly,while pixar is the new kid on the block,disney must not forget or abandon the not so recent disney films,I would like to see more disney movies animated or not developed by other aspects of disney,not just pixar…granted the pixar movies have done well,there is I believe more than enough other ideas out there that both can coexist… and just like tarzan leaving WDW,I am glad that they reconsidered removing the alladin show,…live well and prosper ol’ GENIE…look forward to seeing your next show in about a week or so…also the previews of world of color but keep that under your hat…SHHHHHHH