Aladdin Preferred Seating Vouchers?


HI All!!

I was just wondering if you really need these for good seats? The last time we had them and we had great seats!! This time we didn’t book a package and was a bit concerned.



They let people with vouchers into the front part of the theater first then fill in behind them and in the balconies. The theater really isn’t that big so I can’t imagine there are any really bad seats.

We’ve always had vouchers and scored front row seats last June. It was awesome to sit so close.


Its really fun to use the vouchers to sit close to the stage, But even if you dont sit by the stage, just entering the show like a regular guest, it’s still an amazing show. :smile:


I have never had the vouchers and have never had a problem getting a great seat. Just need to make sure you arrive a bit early.


Yeah, we are planning on arriving early, just wanted great seats like last time. I wish you could get them somehow, oh well, still won’t miss this show, LOVED IT!!!