Alamo deals! Woohoo!


I am so excited - I just had to tell someone! We have been worrying about fitting everyone and everything in the SUV that we rented for our trip (three adults, two kids and a whole lot of luggage!) and were hoping they would give us a free upgrade when we got there. Well, I got an email from Alamo this morning with their last minute deals and sure enough, they had a minivan advertised at $169 a week or less! For our entire trip (9 days) it came out to just over $300 with all the fees, taxes etc… (without the code from the email it was $575! :eek: ) We were paying $313 for the SUV. If anyone needs a great deal, sign up for Alamos weekly “last minute emails”! It really paid off for us!


That’s amazing!!! Congatulations. I’ll have to remember that.


Thats great! I only rent from Alamo because of its great deals! Once for 14 days we got a SUV (trailblazer) for $225.00


I have always had good luck with Alamo rentals.


That’s insanely cheap! Is Alamo located inside the terminal?


Wow! Congratulations…I love it when I find exactly what I am hoping for. :biggrin:


Thats a great deal! Maybe I should have asked advice on here before booking our hire car:huh: we had a Chrysler 300 from Dollar for $240 a week for 3 weeks and then our extra 3 days at $42 per day.
This price is using a discount code (OOAG) from ‘Mousesavers’ it was alot more expensive without the code.


Yes - Alamo is located inside the terminal. Just walk acroos to the garage and it’s right there.


Shop that same vechile at simply wheelz. I got an 8 day rental for $132.90.


I just tried that. With her dates and 9 days, a mini-van at Simply Wheelz was $578. She got a steal!


Dawn, if you book this through Costco it would be way less. They have an extra 25% off off your deal plus you could get 25.00 off plus this includes an additional driver. You don’t have to be a costco member either. If you need help let me know.


Thanks for the tip Jennatrz. We’re going in April, and I always forget to check Costco and Sam’s club.


Thanks for posting this tip!!
I had switched to Simply Wheelz, and had reduced the cost of my rental from $320 to $245 (Full size - May 9th to May 20th), and after reading your tip, I went to the Costco website and booked using their codes, and now I’m back at Alamo at $197.90 (full size car). The best thing about this offer, is that you can add an extra driver FOR FREE! They usually try to charge alot extra for this per day - so I’m pretty excited to be able to drive a little this trip (instead of DH the whole time).

Are you sure I don’t need to be a memeber of Costco to use this? Should I sign up at Costco just to be safe? Do they check for a member card?

At the rate I’m going…by the time my trip comes, the rental should be free!:laugh: I’m still waiting to see any last minute deals from Alamo for my dates (should be coming soon). It would be nice to upgrade to a mini van or SUV - if I can get it for less than $250.


Christina, Did you also use the coupon code? You may be able to get a free day or 20.00 off your rental. I am positive that they don’t ask you for the Costco card. We rent from them all the time. They have never asked us for the costco card. If they do just say you don’t have it with you. But again we have rented about 15 times through costco and Alamo has never asked.

So glad that you saved money. I tell people all the time to rent through Costco they have the best deals bar none. It is great!!!


Yup, I used the coupon code too! I am in shock that the deal is so good! Your tip will save us tons of money now and in the future! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


You are so welcome. I am so glad that someone from MB finally
took advantage of it. I have saved hundreds of dollars, maybe even
thousands going through costco. It seems that Alamo has the best
deals on Costco website. The cool thing is…keep checking everyday on the costco website. There have been times when I have booked and then I look it up on another day. The rate may be lowered. So keep checking back. You can always cancel current ressie to get the lower price. It is so great. I love finding the best deals on Rental cars.


I sure will keep checking! It’s become a fun game for me now! I hope other see this, and use it too!


Yes I hope they do too.