Alaska versus western caribean


well …quoted out both and the western caribean was 1500-2000 less and the deposit was 750…vs 1800…opted for western … for now …booked through costco and got 350 costco cash card …anyone know of any better tsites with better offers please post…thanks once again …strange about alsaka …oh by the way 2011 trips have different category 5a…5b 6a etc …took a while but 5a is deck 7 in the middle but 5b might deck 5 or 6 really confusing …


that’s quite a difference in price, but that would make no difference to me. I would definitely prefer the Alaska cruise over the Caribbean cruise.
Alaska cruises are so much more expensive because there’s a small window where you can go cruising. The Caribbean is available year round.

The Cruising Company is the one I have been dealing with for my Disney Cruise (which we ended up turning into a Disney trip…whole other story) They are fantastic to deal with.


well,the money saved will got to adding more points to DVC…money that is renewable every year…also I believe since it is the first year of disney alaska cruises the demand is high …so I can wait a year or so…but also cancelled the med cruise in lieu of more DVC points


I want to go on a Disney Cruise SOOOO badly but we’re doing Alaska on Carnival Cruise Line this coming June, it’s just soooo much cheaper. I may try to do a small 4 night cruise with Disney though just cause I want the experience of going on one.

Hope you get all the info you need, keep us updated.


Alaska is amazing trip. There is LOTS of competition so I’d check rates on other lines too.


I also would love to go on a disney cruise and alaska and I thought this would be the best of both worlds when I looked into a week ago. Just like WISH said it is sooo EXPENSIVE and going with someone like Carnival is way cheaper. Someday we will take a disney cruise.
We did a western caribbean cruise on carnival back in 2004 and loved it. If I had choose I would want to go to Alaska over W Caribbean…