ALERT: WDW Employee Caught Stealing From Guests


If you have stayed at Saratoga Springs and Old Key West resorts recently you might want to check you credit card statements:

Disney Employee Caught Stealing From Guests

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A Disney employee is off the job after being charged with stealing from tourists. Investigators say the woman would help visitors check in to Disney’s Saratoga Springs and Old Key West resorts, but guests had no idea she was using a device to steal their credit card information.

Investigators say the woman was found with at least 15 skimming devices and prosecutors say the Disney worker is responsible for $83,000 in losses.

The employee admitted she stole the credit card numbers, but claims she never made any purchases; she just sold the information. She signed a plea agreement last Thursday that will send her to jail.

Disney is changing the way it watches its employees after the worker was caught stealing credit card information from guests for months. Ana Rosa worked as a hotel receptionist at both the Saratoga Springs and Old Key West resorts. Detectives say she had stolen credit card numbers from 173 guests in a four-month period last year.

“It does kind of bother me about Disney, because Disney is the happiest place on earth and you’re like, ‘Oh, great, credit card information stolen,” tourist Beth Divirgilis said.

Rosa told Orange County deputies she bought a card skimming device from a merchant at a flea market. She paid him $200 and also gave him four free Disney passes.

Rosa told authorities she plugged the device into the computers at the front desk. When guests’ credit cards were swiped, the skimming device captured their information. She then handed the info to another man, who paid her $500 a month.

Guests did not know their identities were stolen until charges started popping up on their credit cards. Investigators said the thieves typically use the numbers to make online purchases or create new credit cards.

WFTV tried to talk to Rosa, but she was not home Wednesday. A Disney spokesperson said she is no longer an employee and new measures have been put into place to protect guests.

WFTV asked Disney if it planned to reimburse the guests. A spokesperson said they don’t have any victim information and the case is currently under investigation.

Rosa will have to serve at least two years in prison as part of the plea deal she signed. Her actual sentencing will be next month.
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So sad!:crying: If only people put this much time and effort into earning their own money instead of stealing other people’s money.


Ah, I saw this too! It’s so terrible. The last thing you want to think about when you’re at WDW however, this stuff is always going to happen no matter where you are. It’s just a shame that someone as seedy as that woman was able to get so far before she was caught. :noo: But at least that’s something to be thankful for- she actually was caught.


WOW! Some people just have no souls…and at Disney of all places! :glare:


That is just nasty. There is one silver lining and that is if you realize the odd transaction you need only speak to the credit card company or Disney if it was done while on site. The credit card company is really good at straightening things out. My DH had his number stolen 2 times last year and both times they caught it right away, he also had his debit stolen too.
I have heard about people switching gift cards. A lady at a restaurant around here was saying that at a place she worked before some seasonal workers were switching the activated cards with unactivated. They never really new how much they made off with.


Shut the front door!:eek: I am glad she was caught!


What is wrong with people? Crooked world we live in… Glad she was caught and if anyone was helping her, hope they go down too!


What I don’t understand is that that required investigation, dedication, and determination… three things that could easily be put to work earning money in a moral way.

Many criminals are smart. So why do they need to steal?


maybe one of the benefits of checking in online before arriving this last trip I used it it made the checkin process smoother and faster …and I never had my card swiped…also normally when I check in at disney they clear 1500 for the room keys and when you reach that amount they usually let you know and send that initial amount thu ,this trip we went by that amount it was cleared and we never new or were notified about the policy,no big deal but it is nice to know when spending limits have been breached…we usually spend more ,but it also would alert us if the tally is wrong …one of the reasons we save all receipts to cross reference them with the final tally


Whenever I book Disney or anything that requires a credit card I ALWAYS use a pre paid card. I will never put my real info out there like that EVER. Usually IF im booking Disney I may also use a Disney gift card for all my payments and if I cant use that I will use a pre paid card


2 years in jail… That doesn’t sound very magical :laugh:


That really is terrible. Some people just have no morals. To prey on innocent people on vacation in a place thats supposed to be safe and magical. It’s people like that that make it hard to protect the magic of WDW.

It’s despicable.


How did other check in cast members not notice what she was doing for all that time? I am sure you would notice the card machine she would bring out and sit on the desk! It’s sad to think somebody could have such a great job and abuse it!!!


People often forget they these types of things can happen anywhere. We just don’t like to think of them happening at WDW. Glad she was caught.


This is so true. I hear about this happening at gas pumps and ATMs.

You need to be careful were ever you go.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.


“It does kind of bother me about Disney, because Disney is the happiest place on earth and you’re like, ‘Oh, great, credit card information stolen,” tourist Beth Divirgilis said.

… :nonono2:


We had a string of servers doing this a few months back here. Apparently this ‘device’ isn’t very big at all, and I’m sure a stack of papers or a mug could have blocked the view from other CM’s. In fact there was one attached to an ATM too and it looked no different than the regular atm slot, just a tiny bit more raised. (This was a different device btw, but used for the same purposes.)

This is horrible. She should get a bit more time imo. :mad:


I like the idea of having everything paid up front and not having to have a card swiped.