Alice in Wonderland reusable bag


I bought one the other day. I went shopping with it today and many people said it was nice.


Very nice, they have everything with alice pics on it now lol.


my goodness, this is almost as good as those Alice ears.

Tell us where you got it, please


[QUOTE=Dopey;1019281]my goodness, this is almost as good as those Alice ears.

Tell us where you got it, please[/QUOTE]

Disney Store for $2.50


Just went to the Disney Store today to purchase our Hopper Tickets for our May trip, They had a ton of AIW merch in one section. finally got a Perry plush for our DD. (Perry the Platypus that is…)


Dangit, this is the problem when you live in the country. There are no Disney stores. I have to see if they have those bags online :pinch:


looks like i will have to make a trip to the disney store this week!


oh, somebody please go to the Disney store for me and get me some :crying:


We’d never have those in the UK stores for sure and if we did they wouldn’t be 2.50-its really nice and looks great.


It’s a cool bag. I’ll run to the mall for you my dear tonight to see what they have. :happy:


I will be there today and IO will get you some and mail them to you this week!


I was just going to offer, but it looks like you’re covered. Let me know if it doesn’t pan out.


You are a peach, but I didn’t see this until you told me about it. I am not paying attention - again. :redface:


Thank you so much, Loretta, for the thought :heart:


You can buy park tickets at the Disney stores???


Cool bag 2nd Star!


Yep! They usually advertise right at the counter.

Unfortunately we too are far from any Disney store, but we try to make a once a year trip to the closest store 2hours away.:crying:


You sure can!


Yes … The price is the same as WDW direct.