Alice in Wonderland tattoo


I know there are some MBers who love their Disney tats, so I thought I’d share this one that takes it to a whole new level.

Here’s a link to more pictures of this full-upper-back and arms Alice and Wonderland story tattoo: Alice In Wonderland: A Tattoo Story | Walyou

And here’s a link to a sort-of old but very interesting article about Alice in Wonderland from Neatorama (where I came across this tattoo): Alice in Wonderland



WOW! That must have cost a fortune! Tattoo’s aren’t my thing, but I can sure appreciate that one!


The artwork is beautiful. I prefer something a little more understated, and easy to keep covered when needed, but the detail and color in the one is stunning.


Holy cow! Makes my one little Cheshire Cat look kinda cheesy! How much did that cost!!!


Wow the colors are amazing! Not a tatoo person but that one sure says WOW!:happy:


I don’t have to write anything because Maria said exactly what I was thinking!


That is amazing. I just can’t see it on my when I am 80 and wrinkly!


Definitely an amazing piece of artwork! I’m a total Alice nut but I don’t think I could go that far! However, I know when to appreciate some good artistic talent!


That looks so well done, amazing.


That’s just amazing! I love the detail and colour! If only I were brave enough lol! Though even if I was I don’t think I could get something so big! I worry that when the owner is old and wrinkly it will end up looking like a salivador dahli painting! (think iv got the right artist there lol correct me if I’m wrong!)


I think it’s beautiful!


:laugh::laugh::laugh: You have the right artist. He was most famous for the melting clocks. Yep, certain tattoos will “migrate” over time, as the skin sags. Mine is on my lower back. Hopefully, it will not end up on the back of my knees:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Ditto! I’d never tattoo myself, but I definitely appreciate the creativity in the artwork. That’s amazing!


I’m not a tattoo owner either, but I can appreciate the amount of care and great art that went into that one.


LOL! Makes me think of a good friend that got a dolphin on her ahem…chest before she was completely developed and who knew that 20 years later it would look something like a swordfish! We chuckle about that once in a while!

The Alice tattoo is amazing! Just beautiful.


That is neat! AND HUGE!


Go big, or go home! haha :laugh:


ROFL:laugh: At least, I can’t see my own tattoo and when it slides to the back of my knees, the only one who will see it is my DH and the embalmer.:laugh: