Alicefan's "4 Year Olds should not be allowed in WDW trip Report"


…well, MY 4 year old shouldn’t anyway! But DARN!!! we have annual passes this year! I am actually in Disney right now. DS and DH are asleep and I am working :nonono2: on my laptop and thought I would pop in. I will have an official TR of course next week! :happy: …I was on Splash Moutain just about 3 1/2 hours ago - how cool is that? :heart: I have taken about 300 pictures so far…the weather has been wonderful…Saratoga Springs is beautiful but I can’t imagine having to stay in any section other than “The Springs” - it is so spread out! O’hana’s tonight was great - I REALLY needed that Lapu Lapu after the day we had. My DS had a MAJOR meltdown in MGM - I really, honestly, truly thought I might have had to call a Preist to have a exorcism performed right there in front of the Muppet store! :pinch: :pinch: :pinch: I have NEVER seen a child act out like the way my son did today. :nonono2: I told my DH to hit me over the head with something hard and knock me out so I wouldn’t have to experience the insanity any longer!!! The kicking, screaming (and I mean SCREAMING), flailing (oh, the horrible flailing) - lasted approximately 10 VERY LONG minutes…I wanted to die! Well, I guess I will get to bed…we need to see a Goof about a Barn in the AM! :tongue:


I’m so sorry! The way you described that just made me laugh out loud!! I’m sure the poor little guy was just tired. :crying:


Wow! I hope your son has a better day tomorrow!

(if not, then I suggest 2 Lapu-Lapus…to get you started anyway!) :wink:


Could it be a case of Disney overload? My DH does this when I tell him he is not allowed any more Mr Potato head pieces! :biggrin:

Tommorow is another day! :flowers:


Hey!!! Sorry to hear about your DS’s meltdown…I remember them all to well. Glad the weather is being kind and that you like your resort. I can’t wait to hear the full report when you get back.


Been there, done that, I remember that feeling :eek: You can’t wait till they grow up, but 10 years later you have a teenage, and a new type drama begins. :pirate: I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful. :smile:


awe soooooooo sorry the little one was probably on Disney overload


HI!! I’m so sorry about the meltdown, I’m sure it was just because he was over-tired. I’m so jealous that you were at 'Ohana just last night–yummy.


Oh, you poor thing. A few months ago, DS(then 4) did exactly what your DS4 did… yes, all of the above, also to the extent that I have never seen a child act like that. I know exactly how you felt. (( hugs ))

On the up side- it does make for a good story. Hope the rest of the trip is more magical!


I can totally relate to your post. It is so frustrating and embaressing when “the meltdown” happens. When my son (who is now 4 yrs old) was 2 years old we had the weekend from **** at WDW. He had just gotten over being sick so maybe that was part of it. The entire weekend he was miserable and had a meltdown every where we went. The worst was on the final day. We went to Magic Kingdom in the morning. All was fine until we got went to meet Cinderella. She had just appeared in front of the store/tent where she and the other princesses have the signings. We went over to where a line was forming. We were 2nd in line. Just as we were about to meet her the castmember moved the line and made us go to the end. My then 2 yr old had a fit! Screaming…yelling…kicking…hitting, etc. It was SOOOO embaressing. It took 3 adults (myself, my husband, and the grandfather) to get this kid strapped into the stroller while he arched his back. During which time he still kicked, screamed, etc. After 15 minutes we decided we were leaving the park. I wasnt about to go through this another day. He screamed from toontown, through fantasyland, through the castle, up Main Street, out the turnstiles, onto the monorail, and then the walk to the car. We were even given our own monorail car because he was so horrible. There was no way I was taking this kid out of the stroller to get on the tram so we walked to the car. I walked about 30 feet behind dh pushing the stroller because I was so upset. At the car it took 2 adults to get ds into the car seat and then he continued to scream about 20 minutes into the car ride home. He then fell asleep. OMG…this kid was named “the prince of darkness” from his own grandmother!! LOL I swore they were going to post his picture at WDW saying DO NOT ALLOW THIS CHILD INTO ANY OF THE PARKS. He was SOOO BAD.

Prior to the next trip we drilled into DS’s head that if he cries and carries on at WDW we will get kicked out. It is so funny because we went to disney with my sister and her baby and the baby started crying. DS was so worried she would be kicked out…lol We told him babies were allowed to cry…big kids arent.

So anyway, I totally can relate. I hope the meltdowns are over for you now.


Glad to hear from you! Sorry about the meltdown. :pinch: When you tried to pick him up did he a) stiffen his entire body, so that it was like trying to pick up a 2x4? or b) did every bone in his body melt, so that trying to pick him up was like trying to pick up jello? Ahhh - the “back-arching”. :laugh: Children are so talented. :dry: Don’t worry - we all have meltdown stories (see above, lol). Fortunately, 90% of the people at WDW are parents, so we understand. The other 10%? Well - some day they’ll get theirs. :whistling

Glad you’re enjoying SSR - The Springs is a great location, isn’t it? We stayed there in March.

Well, get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another day. Have FUN!


I loved that remark!


Oooooh, sorry to hear that. I cannot say that I have had that experience with my guys but I totally feel for you. Like Amelia’s man said, if this happens again, 2 Lapu Lapus tonight and maybe you should have some in your water bottle today while strolling through the parks :biggrin:


Thanks everyone!!! Alll of you make me smile! :heart: We are taking it easy today…going to DTD…then heading to MK for a little while…a break in the afternoon :whistling… then we have dinner at H&V and Fantasmic! tonight. There was just a raven sitting on our balcony right next to DS and DH - they were feeding him Cereal (shhhhhh…don’t tell the authorities) - he did seem to like it, though! Well, we are off to have a Magical Day (hopefully!!) :wink:


poor baby, so been there done that. my now 21 years old did that when she was about 4 or 5 over minnie mouse in Japan she was hiding behind her younger sisters stroller screaming “dont come near me” people were looking at ous like we were child molesters. she continued even after he told her it was ok and walked away from minnie . funny thing was i had just bought her a japanese minnie doll. now she is 21 and how i wish she was 4 again


There’s only one way to cure a meltdown…well, only one “LEGAL” way, anyway… To cure a meltdown, you gotta cool the “melty” back down… Ice down the pants should do it. :laugh:

I hope you have a meltdown-free remainder of your trip. Have fun…


Aww! I never thought I’d have kids that act bad. THen, Caisley was born.

I really hope things get better - enjoy it anyway, I mean it IS WDW. Don’t let that little rugrat ruin it for you! :wink:


I can’t wait to meet you!! Our demons can play together!! :wub:


Sorry to hear about your child’s meltdown!!!


We’ve had our share of “meltdown moments” at WDW. Hopefully the rest of your trip goes smoothly!


i hope today is magical for you and your little one. sorry to hear that yesterday was less than a fairytale experience… but just curious…what do you think made him meltdown? was he tired? did you take a mid-day break or had you been going all day. i ask because we are taking our DD who will be 3.5 in jan. and we have been thinking we might forgo the mid-day break. in your honest opinion…based on your own experience…would we be making a big mistake?