All about ME dance!


Ok Ok it’s not about me per say but Magical Express!! We got our Magical Express info today!!! WHOOPEE!!! :eek:


I always do the ME dance myself…party ON!!


Now you can sit back and …ENJOY!! :happy:


I still have a while but I am soooooo looking forward to getting my ME package! Congrats, that means it is right around the corner!


How is it that you got yours and we didn’t get ours when we’re on the same flight? :crying: Maybe tomorrow…


Maybe Mickey Mouse is likc Santa and he knows who has been naughty or nice.

I’ll admit the package itself isn;t much but we gazed and gazed for it means it is all right around the corner - 23 Days-ish to be exact.


I thought this was a thread started by the mini-mice: “It’s all about me…”


:laugh: :laugh: You are a mess! :tongue:


Can I dance with you? We got our ME stuff a couple of weeks ago but I’m still excited about it. We got 2 sets because I changed our reservations and I guess we were wtill in the system for our POR room. Now my DS gets 2 free ME pins!!!


Hey… :dry: , I think I’ve been very nice lately. Be nice, or I might not want to pick up your groceries! :angel: