All booked! WL here we come!


DH gave me the go ahead! :wub: :happy: I called and talked to a super nice CM and got booked for Sept 16-24 (8 nights) with free dining! We’re staying at WL which I’m totally excited about! I haven’t stayed there since 1996! The CM didn’t say I needed to call back with a code. I just had to put the deposit on my Disney Visa which is how they do most discounts IME. Now I’m just counting the days until I get to make ADR’s! June 18!


Congrats, sounds awesome!


whoo hooo’

Ok, so whatcha doing first, where are you eating, what snacks are you getting??? Come on girl, we need details.:happy:

Glad everything worked out.


Congrats! That’s awesome!


[QUOTE=jo-jo;948295]whoo hooo’

Ok, so whatcha doing first, where are you eating, what snacks are you getting??? Come on girl, we need details.:happy:

Glad everything worked out.[/QUOTE]

Well, if I didn’t have a baby girl attached to me, sleeping in my lap, I’d go get my Unofficial Guide so I can log onto touring plans and get crowd levels and such for our dates so I can decide what park on what day! :laugh: We’re going for a day more than we normally do which will be nice because we’ll have our baby with us and I want to go on a DVC tour too. Our food ideas are: 1900 Park Fare, Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic Dining Experience, Le Cellier (a girl can hope, right?), Sanaa, Chef Mickey’s, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Les Chefs de France, The Wave…off the top of my head. I need to go see what else we can do that’s new (half of those are new, other half we’ve done before). Must do snacks for me are anything in Kringla Bakery and Dole Whip Floats. YUM. We generally use our snack credits for breakfast. I like to do an early bfast ADR on our last day though. Then we have lots of time to spend at the park before ME picks us up. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the non-stop 6:30am flight to MCO and then the 7:40pm flight home (SWA). That’ll give us the most time. Alright, gotta go start planning!! (Yeah, right, like I haven’t already started in my head…:blush:)


Yeah!! How exciting to book and go within 6 months! Keep us updated as the plans go definte.


Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Exciting!!! I bet that little cutie pie will have a great first trip to WDW!


Congrats! Ill be there the same time too! I have to call back to get the DDP code. I’m soo happy everything worked out for you! Now its time for planning.


You sound super excited and I am thrilled for you. WL is a grat choice and we just happen to be staying there in July.

I wish you a most magical trip.

Happy planning:)


Congrats to you Tara!!! WL is awesome!


oooohh, WL. We have never been there but we get to go for the first time in May and I can’t wait!!. I bet you are super excited. There is nothing like knowing you will be in the best place having the best time. Planning it all out is half the fun.Congrats!!!


Good for you! The WL is a great choice; I’ll be staying there myself the week after Thanksgiving. Have a great trip!


How exciting, have fun planning! We stayed at WL in December; we really enjoyed the resort and the proximity to the MK was just great. We enjoyed taking the boat ride everytime we ventured to the MK.


Sounds like it is going to be a very memorable trip since it is baby’s first time to WDW. Have fun planning and a wonderful trip as well.


Congratulations! We love WL, it’s one of our favorite resorts.




Awesome, the Kringla bakery is the best!! YUM! & Dole Whips… ahhhhh. The restaurant choices look great!


I’ve never been to Kringla Bakery…but I heard the School Bread is delish!


Oh it is!! Everything in that bakery is awesome! I think we’ll use a few credits and get some pastries to take back to the resort for bfast for a few days. YUM.