All information please


ok so i am thinking of like i said to be a dvc member but i am working on paying my bills. but i talked to afriend who looked into dvc and said that there are blackouts and hidden charges. so i got the information book and i tried to get them on the list instead of the no call which isnt working for me even the worker tried. But it hasnt worked. so any and all information that can be discussed, will anyone post answers to.


Request the DVC dvd…
or watch it online. It should answer most of your questions. As to blackout times, no way. You have timeframes to work with depending on if you want to stay at your home resort (can book 11 months out) or another resort (can book 7 months out). As for hidden costs; we pay annual dues based on the number of points you have but you are told this up front. This is basically a real estate transaction and the annual dues are kind of like property taxes. You also qualify for some discounts by being a DVC member. Good luck with your research.


yeah i had a friend look at it …ok what about if i want to pass it to my daughter…


You can leave DVC to your children.

There are no blackout dates with DVC. The only “hidden” charge I know of is that you are charged $95 if you book outside DVC. I personally wouldn’t call it a hidden fee because DVC is very clear about the charge.

DVC isn’t for everyone so do your homework and decide if it’s going to be right for you. If you like to look for the best deal/code and like to stay at value resorts because the resort isn’t really a big part of your vacation then it may not be for you. If you like the deluxe resorts and enjoy spending part of your vacation at your resort then it may be something to think about.

You have to be a planner, it can be difficult to book certain times of the year last minute. Holidays and other popular times require planning 7-11 months out. I’m not saying you can never book a last minute room but it may be hard during parts of the year. What is typically a slow time at WDW may be a busy time for DVC bookings.

You also have to be sure of your travel dates because you can’t get your points back to bank or use freely if you cancel less than 31 days out. If you do cancel less then 31 days out your points go in holding and there are special rules for using those points.


no that is why i am on here now, i am trying to plan everything out. pay off bills then save up for this and then plan for the next vacation lol. thanks that helps alot.