All of WDW on DVD?


Has anyone purchased All of WDW on DVD from I saw an advertisement on the DISboards, and I was curious and clicked, then it said that there was a one-day sale, marking the $100 16-disk collection to only $15.

The DVD looks really cool, and I was considering ordering it as an early birthday present to myself, but I don’t know… does this seem too good to be true? Do you think it’s a scam? They have other DVDs available that aren’t on sale, but there are so many other promos, I just don’t know…

Here’s the link: Celebrate The Mouse. ONE DAY SALE! All Of Disney World On DVD For $15!

Tell me what you think!


I have heard that it is NOT good. Its all compilations of tourist videos. The dark rides are basically unwatchable…and there is alot of shaking!


I was wondering the same thing. Sounds like we should stick to watching Disney videos on youtube.


I wanted to see what the shipping on this item would be and I went half way through the ordering process and then backed out. I then received this email.

Hi Christine!

We noticed that you recently began to place an order with us at Celebrate
The Mouse but ultimately decided not to complete your purchase. Please
that we would like to extend an amazing HUGE 50% off coupon just for you!
Simply enter coupon code 50DISCOUNT7253 on your shopping cart page to
INSTANTLY take 50% off an order of ANY SIZE!

Don’t miss out on the huge sale on the “All Of Disney World On DVD” set -
that you now can take an additional 50% off:

By the time it’s all said and done it’s just dollars. I spend more than that at the drive thru. I’m considering it…


$7.50 is not bad, but I don’t trust the site. It looks too amateurish.
So do you stand to lose more if they scam/defraud your account?

The Boss Mouse gut reaction is “Run away”.


Ok sir, advice taken…thanks.


But it looks like they take PayPal so if you paid that way Pay Pal guarantees it.


that one day sale has been going on for years. I cannot imagine that you’ll see anything worth watching. Go buy a flip camera and take your own movie :wink:


Yeah, I was hoping for high-definition professional footage that we could play on the TV downstairs, but it sounds like this wouldn’t work… :laugh:


I don’t think I would want to watch the video of full length attractions over and over. I think it is special going to DW and seeing them for myself. Gives something to look forward to. Otherwise, why spend the money on a trip, just sit in your living room.


because watching the rides won’t get you wet, heheh


true…:laugh: but I’d still rather experience it myself


I totally agree. I just wanted to have the last word, :laugh:


I’ve seen some of this stuff.
Terrible camera work and mostly poor quality video.

And of course my stuff is better than almost everything I’ve seen on You Tube, even if it isn’t the uncompressed .avi files.
(You know, that stickied thread at the top of the Theme Parks forum.)

However, there is another fans site/forum called Visions Fantastic that has some really good videos from WDW and Disneyland.


Funny thing, I’ve gone crazy taping and editing fireworks, but I’ve never bothered to get much footage just walking around the parks. And I’ve always wanted to and then edit it all down into something, but I’m usually more interested in going on rides than taping.


If you do say so yourself…