All Paid!


Just had to share that I am all paid in full and now I can concentrate on saving up spending money. So glad that I don’t have that disney payment to worry about anymore. Only 47 more days to go. (Very excited.)… Now if I could only do something about the fact that gremlins have shrunk all of my summer clothes and I don’t have any that actually fit well:ohmy:.


I have that problem with closet shrinkage. Every time I out stuff away in the closet - it shrinks! I may have to consider an outside storage facility.


I am willing to give that a shot!

Maybe it was the stress eating (trying to justify here) that I was doing while wondering how I could afford 2 rooms this trip. (It was still better for to to do this than get a deluxe taking into consideration cost and privacy.) Anyway, maybe now with less stress I can drop a few pounds…well maybe that’s just wishful thinking.


The paid in full dance is wonderful. I stress over spending money every time. We really don’t need as much as I think we do but I like to be overly prepared.


Yep, me too, people always tell to lighten up about being overly prepared, but better to be safe, I say…
The paid in full dance, THAT’S IT! That’s what will help me fit into shorts again. Dance, dance, dance (and maybe actually getting on my rower wouldn’t hurt either.):blush:


Congrats to you! Paid in full is the best feeling besides actually being there.


Well done!! The hard part is over! There is nothing more to stress about now including your crazy clothing mutiny. When you hit the world the only person who really cares what you are wearing is yourself. As far as being yourself goes, the only thing it should worry about is “are you comfortable?”. Lay down the concerns and the stress because the only thing you should be thinking about is that you are gonna be in the world with people you love and nothing else matters!

Actually there is one thing you should be concerned about… what would happen if you really could divide by zero!!!

Seriously this is your chance to shed your skin and have fun. Go with that feeling.


oooooo what a great feeling! Well done you :mickey: Now you can let the shoulders down and really get ready to party!! :mickey:


We did the paid in full dance this week. It is an amazingly enlightened feeling. We will be there as,e time as you guys I guess. December 1-7. We can’t wait!!!


Please don’t blame the gremlins (wasn’t that a name of a car a few decades ago), it was the heat, everywhere had such a hot summer and you know what the dryer does to clothes. :tongue:

Yes, having everything paid before you go is a good thing. I don’t think I would enjoy myself, if I knew I was paying off a trip over the next 6 months after it was over.


Well if you desire (or need) a few new things they are probably in the major mark down section by now!


Well done! You can bet that now that’s off your shoulders the fun part of planning will really grow!


I am absolutely doing the “dance”. I am now just tweaking plans. Oh, and I just need to drop maybe 8 pounds or so and I think my shorts will fit so I think it’s do-able. I did look at the mark down section as dancing4disney suggested & nothing in my size unfortunately. I think part of the problem was that since I worked all summer without any holidays, I didn’t realize that no summer clothes fit. I work in scrubs and come home to change into yoga attire (bad move, I know) so that sort of thing can really get away from you. Anyway I am just glad to enjoy the countdown now.