All-star Family Suites?


Has anyone here on the ol’ M.B. stayed at the new Family Suites at All-Star Music? We’re looking into staying there December 2007 for a week. Keith at Mousketrips says they’re pretty nice - to make the suites, they took a pair of side-by-side rooms, gutted them and made a two-BR, two-bath suite with kitchenette. The price sounds great and we’ve enjoyed every time we have stayed at a Value Resort. I found a suite layout online and they’re about 520 square feet. Not bad.

Any comments, suggestions?



Just to follow up with you, I found some new pictures of the suites for you, really nice pictures, you can actually tell what it looks like.

All-Star Music Family Suites

I would like to hear from anyone that has stayed there as well. I think these are something Disney has needed for years, really fills a void in their line up. Personally, I think they charge a bit too much, should be the same prices as two standard rooms at a value, but there isn’t much differenc, and you do get a kitchenette, which is a plus.


Thanks for the pics, Mickey. The new suites look really cool and it sounds like a reasonably affordable way for a larger family to stay on property.


Thanks for the pictures Mickey!


I think this is such a great idea! I bet once Disney sees how popular they are, they’ll look to building more value suites. It seems so unfair that people with more than 2 kids have such a hard time finding reasonable, on-site accomodation. But I’m confused - is the third bed (the one between the chair-bed and loveseat-bed made from one of the foot stools? If so - that is so cool.


That’s what I was wondering.

Thinking about kids getting up for the bathroom during the night, they seem a little close together. I wonder if you could put the smallest bed in the other room.


We are staying there in November. Looks pretty nice.:biggrin:


Does anyone know what the price is per night for those?


If you go to the wdwinfo link that mickey provided for the pictures and click on the “room rates” tab at the top of the page the prices are listed there. Here are the numbers quoted from their page…

Value Season: $190.97
Regular Season: $236.17
Peak Season: $270.07
Holiday Season: $292.67


It is cheaper to get 2 rooms that are adjoining, but then you don’t get a kitchenette.


The room rates for 2007 have been posted and another “season” has been added. The seasons are now: Value, Regular, Summer, Peak and Holiday.

Here’s the link 2007 Walt Disney World Resort Rates -

My question is: Is that price for everyone in the room or do you pay extra for each extra adult over 2 like in the standard rooms?


What great pictures! The ones I’ve found in the past only show 2 views, so it’s hard to get a feel for the place. Thank you for posting those!