All-Star Movies Questions?


I need your help because I wanted to know any thing about ASMO and I don’t know any thing about ASMO do you now any websites about ASMO! Please help!:confused:


Have you tried allears?


I did but! I don’t know it is ASMO or ASMV! I don’t know which or which is All Star Movies! Please help me for this confusing! Oh! Do you have some other websites!


I don’t know which it is, but we stayed there last Feb. and loved it! We were very pleased with our stay.


I hope some one can help me which is All-Star Movies stands for it’s ASMO or ASMV! Please help us for this confusing! and thanks for the info!


What do you want to know? We stayed at all star sports in june. I think they’re set up the same. I must admit that after staying in a moderate resort, I was upset about the service we got at the value resorts. I ordered a pack and play, toddler rail and fride first thing. The fridge never came and after three phone calls and two seperate deliveries, we had the pack and play at 1am! I had to wake my girls up twice and they were miserable the next day! I complained to the manager and he helped out by offering a fast pass for soarin’ but when he went to get it, they didn’t have any. The good part is, I LOVED their kiddie pool, my 3 year old loved seeing all the “stuff” at the resort and the rooms were fun! The dining hall was way overcrowded though. We stayed at the pop century when it first opened and loved it. So maybe it was just a bad stay?


thanks for the info! I need to know it’s ASMO or ASMV for All-star Movies resort!


Either acronym is correct: ASMO or ASMV both apply to All Star Movies. I have seen ASMO used more ofter than ASMV.


thanks for the info! ASMO is my favorite hotel!


I hate to be obtuse, but I don’t understand your question. I’ve stayed at All Star Movies, All Star Sports, and Pop. They’re all pretty equal…and I agree with nubeanie that you’re not going to get 4 star service and the food court is a real zoo…but for the price, and for the option to stay on Disney property, it works well.
Okay, so what’s your question again? Are you asking what the acronyms stand for? I’m really confused…


Either acronym is correct: ASMO or ASMV both apply to All Star Movies. I have seen ASMO used more ofter than ASMV.


There is no real difference between any of the three All Stars.
(ASMO= All Star Movies)(ASMU= All Star Music)


We are staying at the ASMO for the first time in November. We are splitting the stay with 3 nights at ASMO before we move over to the BCV.

Interesting reads on the hotel (though I sometimes see ASMO as a motel). Either way - I am sure the kids will love the place as much as I will miss the BC. :laugh:

I don’t mind a walk to the parking lot - but how accessible are the rooms to the lot?


AS Movies is a resort just a value resort with not as many perks. on allears just look at accomadations and then to the right look under the all star movie heading and you will see fact sheets and photos and more. I hope this helps you out.


We are staying there Oct. 24 thru the 31st. My DW wanted to try it over POP since we have stayed at POP before and ASmusic last year. But ALLEARS should be able to answer all or most of the questions I think for you.


Thanks for the info!


We stayed at All Star Music last year…we have two ajoining rooms in the dalmation area. It was nice a quiet but close to the bus and main building.


I was thinking Fantasia theme!


The fantasia room are preferred rooms so you will have to pay a small upgrade fee depending on the season as to how much I know for regular season it is $15.00 a night.
I requested one pool side on the first floor for when we stay in Oct. I asked for building 8 so it would be closer to the laundry in case we needed to do a small load or two so we would not have as much dirty clothing for our drive back.


I love the Fantasia pool theme at ASMO but I prefer the bus system at POP!