All Star Movies Resort question


DH just booked our flight for our trip in June and we arrive at the Orlando Airport at 11:30 a.m on Friday June 25. Does anyone know when check-in time typically is? I just want to be prepared for what to expect when we get there.

Also, I requested adjoining rooms because our two girls are going to be rooming with my mom and dad and I really want us all together. They said they couldn’t guarantee our request would be honored, but I am wondering what most people experience when they make this request. Last time we did have adjoining rooms, but I can’t remember if I called earlier in the week, or what. Any suggestions?



Check in is normally 4:00pm. Rooms are usually available earlier. The only time I had a problem checking in early was at All Star Movies. I have requested rooms to be near each other and they have been accommodating. Just call ahead or when you check in to remind them.


We’ve only stayed at ASMo once, this past August. We are a family of 5 and we booked 2 rooms and requested that they be connecting, and that’s exactly what we got. We arrived very early (about 6 or 7 a.m.), and our room was not ready then, but they texted us about 11 and said it was ready.

I know you didn’t ask, but I just want to say that Mousekeeping was AWESOME at ASMo! I think our Mousekeeper, Emanuel, was the best we’ve ever had!


We found out that “adjoining” and “connecting” are not the same thing, during an unfortunate visit to a Hilton a few years back… we requested adjoining, and though the rooms were next door to each other, they did not have the interior door that could be opened between them. We should have asked for connecting rooms!


Remember that All Star resorts have the secret cable channel (I think it is 96) that plays a loop of classic disney shorts. We always look forward to the sing-a-long before lights out*.

I think every time I have stayed there the room had a connecting door (not that we use it). If you put the request in when you book the room they should be able to accommodate you.

(*I wish they had these loops at all the resorts. I mean they own the content and to set up a loop channel on an in house system can’t be that expensive.)


When we arrive that early we just plan to take our small carry on with us and head for the parks until after dinner. Then our bags will be in the room from Magical Express and we won’t spend hours standing in line, bothering the staff if our room is ready even if they state it WON’T BE READY UNTIL 3 PM. It will make a much more efficient use of your time and patience. After all, it is a vacation to enjoy so we try to avoid obstacles.


This is great! Thanks so much for answering my question.

We are planning on bringing some changes of clothing and a few essentials in our carry-ons, but I’m glad to know that there is a chance we can get in before posted check-in. I’m going to call and make sure that I asked for connecting rooms rather than adjoining. It really made it alot of fun on our last trip to have connecting rooms.

And thanks for the tip on the cable channel! I think it will make it so fun to hear those classic shows as we get ready to go to the park and as we get ready to go to bed at night!