All Star Movies Resort Reviews Anyone?


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Me and my family of 14 are making our annual trip down to Disney again in August! We have stayed at quite a few Dinsey resorts and Pop Century has so far been our favorite! But this year we figured we’d try something a little different? How is the All Stars Movie resort? Has anyone been to both ASM’s and PC that can give me a conparison?

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I’ve stayed at both…this is a topic that comes up a lot around here and it seems like every time someone presents an “POP or ASMo” question I always change my mind based on their situations! :laugh:

I really love POP…you know it’s big and bright and clean. The bad parts…it’s the farthest away from the park entrances at EVERY park it seems and the insulation in the rooms is really terrible and you can hear everything. The bad parts of ASMo’s…they share buses with all of the AllStars…a lot of times big school groups stay at these resorts (not allowed at POP) and they can become over run with teenagers and they are a little bit “worn out” looking compared to POP. However, I do LOVE the themeing at POP but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the themeing at ASMo’s. Something about that place to me is SO WDW. So really, it’s a crap shoot. Basically they are the same resort and you’re getting the same luxuries and each one has something to offer or deter you one way or the other.


Hmm, thank you for these suggestions and details! Yeah, I have heard alot that the walls in POP are a little thin. But we’ve gone a bunch and they don’t seem to be bad. But I come from a big family, maybe I’m just used to noise! haha. One bad thing I agree with that you said that I didn’t know is that the All star’s all share a bus! Which resort do you think takes longer to get to the parks?


They are probably about the same I would think. POP is actually pretty far from most of the parks.


yeah, I asked last time I was there and they said a ride from POP century to the MK (the furthest park) was about 20-30 minutes. Not including loading time. Which shocked me because it really never seems that long! Well thats great then! I’m excited to change it up a little bit. We’ve stayed other places. But we stayed at POP the last three times. So, it’s sort of become comfortable and esasy cause everyone loves it! I love the food court, yummmmy. The lomain<3 Also I like how big the gift store is. ASMo has one right? Is it smaller?


We are going to try POP this time. I am going to ask for Top floor though. I will let you know what we think when we get back. Also I heard they are doing renovations to POP right now. We will ask to be placed in Rec Reno Room. Good luck on your planning.


I think you will really like POP. My family loves it. Yeah I heard something about renovations too. I heard they are making rooms that are bigger that accomdate 6 guests per room. Kinda like suites, but not as fancy. I know they already have a few, but I think they are making more. We normally stay in the 50’s on the second level, pool side. It’s fantastic!


I’m a FL resident so I visit every few months . . . we alternate between all of the values, cuz this is best deal for us! Every once an a while we get a good rate on a moderate, so we’ll stay there!

Here’s my opinion . . . well you asked! :blush:

  1. I like any of the All Stars -They’ve recently been updated with furniture, linens paint and paper! POP was in the middle of an overhaul when I was there in Nov '07.

  2. Even at Mods, you hear the toilets flushing . . . and at POFQ in Feb, there were a TON of cheerleaders! (Altho, I agree Sports is the first to fill) I’ve never had any problems though with excess noise . . . ever! (maybe I’m lucky or with an 8 and 4 year old we are making our own noise and I don’t notice?) :blush:

  3. I do drive, so buses aren’t an issue for me.

  4. POP has a better food court, ASMus second, Movies third and then sports (only cuz it has more “stadium” like fare) POP does win hands down for gift shop and food

  5. There are differences in value and mod . . . but Disney does a great job, even when they offer a value. Value, two full beds, no coffee maker, smaller room, no fridge. Mod, two queen beds, coffee maker, fridge, double sinks, larger rooms!

Also at Movies you have the new Fantasia pool which is a lot of FUN! I’ve stayed at Music the most . . . mostly because the manager there is so nice, and she made one of my DDs really happy with a birthday surprise, so she remembers us . . . which makes it even feel more like “home”!


That sounds wonderful! Thank you.

And about your DD’s surprise! It’s just so amazing to me that in my 16 years of Disney, every time they do something like that, it still astonishes me that they do those small things that mean so much!:happy:


I know it was such a little gesture, but my DD still talks about it!

We checked in late on the Friday, so I asked for the birthday card and balloons for her birthday . . . cuz it was late, there was no guarantee. SO OF COURSE, we go every year for her birthday, when the balloons didn’t show she was disappointed! :frown:

We were in the Gift Shop and the manager saw her Birthday Pin, and wished her a Happy Birthday!! She asked her how her trip was going, and my DD said really good, but Ariel was too busy to send balloons and a card . . . the manager did one of these :eek: and said wait here!

She went into the back and came out 5 minutes later with a BIG BUNCH of Balloons, a signed card from Ariel and a special CM Birthday pin!!

Talk about Disney Magic!! The whole shop then sang Happy Birthday to my DD!! It was GREAT!! (The manager told DD that they were just behind on the deliveries) It was a MAGICAL moment that’s for sure! :happy:

For some reason, that manager remembers us, and we’ve seen her a couple times since then . . .


No complaints.


That is absolutley wonderful! How old was she?


can I bump this please to ask this question that I am SURE is here somewhere…
Pop vs. Movies???

Or should I ask for another one all together?
1 boy 6 and 1 boy 2 who will be 3???

thanks guys!

Too excited and need to close reservation by noon!



[QUOTE=Emerson613;879973]can I bump this please to ask this question that I am SURE is here somewhere…
Pop vs. Movies???

Or should I ask for another one all together?
1 boy 6 and 1 boy 2 who will be 3???

thanks guys!

Too excited and need to close reservation by noon!


We always stay value . . . since we do weekend trips!

POP has a better food court, but other then that they are pretty much the same across the board.

I also drive, so I have no bus issues.

Your kids will like any of them . . . they all have large fun icons and lots of eye candy! :happy:


thanks- that is what I was hoping to hear!
we will drive… so that’s good-
and we aren’t there enough to care about much else… :slight_smile:


We stayed at AllStar Movies on the band trip to WDW. It was a cute Disney resort… very nice to what we’re used to lodging in with the band (the first thing my room mates said when we arrived was “wow… smith did good” lol), however I’m a spoiled Deluxe brat :blush: (parents’ fault). Still, it was a cute resort. I didn’t eat in the cafeteria at all (brought pop tarts), so I can’t give you a review on that. I haven’t stayed at any other value, either, so no comparisons for you, yet. The pool was pretty cool. Lots of photo ops around the resort. It’s very themed… but idk how it compares to Pop, Music, or Sports. However, it’s good to mix things up every once in a while, and Movies may be a nice change of pace.


So, at All Star Movies- is there a building I should request? or a location that might be more fun for the kids? What is close to the pool? Since we were driving I didn’t care much when booking---- to be close to the bus or anything… what about the food? We may need to eat there for 1 or 2 breakfasts…

I’m not really nervous. It’s Disney and MANY MANY people enjoy it and go back----

What is so awesome at the gift shop at Pop? Is it worth a trip over there to shop? Or is it just good if you are staying there???

thanks guys!