All-Star Movies Resort


We will be going to WDW in about 4 weeks and I was wondering for those who have stayed in ASM if there is a certain building that is closer to the shuttle station or a certain building that you might perfer and why? Thanks!


We stay in the Dalmation Bldg. It’s very close to the Pool,Foodcourt, and Lobby. Takes about 5 minutes off the bus to get to room and vice versa.


I know you can go to and go to the resorts and look at the pictures page of it and you will be able to download a diagram of the resort showing everything as to its locations.


Thanks a lot!!!


Yeah the Dalmatian building is pretty close to the main building and the buss stop.


I love the toy story building. We get the standard room. I’m pretty sure its Woody and not Buzz. Its super close walk to the pool and main hall.


So glad you asked this, apayne. We’re staying at Movies for the first time in August.


I’m planning go to Disney on January 2010 and we are going to stay in ASMO for my birthday and I hope to stay in Fantasia room!