All Star Movies Resort


Has anyone stayed at ASM resort lately? We usually stay at Beach Club, but when we need a random night or two, we stay at Pop or POR Riverside. Since it will be my niece’s first trip to Disney when we go in January, we thought we would take her to ASM and requet a courtyard view of the Toy Story section. This was our first onsite hotel stay when DS was 3 and loved Toy Story. He loved it. We will have a car so I am not too nervous about the bus transportation. I guess I am nervous that it may need a refurb or something since it has been 10 years since we last stayed there.


It has been quite a few years since I have been there, but I haven’t read any report of it needing a rehab. WDW rarely lets their rooms get “poohy”, so no worries. The stay will be magical :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’d worry.


We stayed in the Toy Story section, not impressed about the room, but we only stayed there two nights. Had major check in issues, even though we did online check in, first we ask for the Toy Story section, gave us Fantasia, then gave us a room, (I still swear to this day, the check in person did this on purpose, because we wanted to change rooms) but we get to the room and it wasn’t cleaned up from the last family that stayed. We were tired, hungry and needed to use the bathroom desparately, and was not happy about waiting 20 minutes until they got us another room!


I also think so.


I wouldn’t worry about upkeep. . .Have fun and enjoy! just remember, the value resort rooms are alot smaller than Beach Club. :happy:


So are the beds:closedeye