All star movies


We are planning on staying at the all ASM during our next trip. Has anyone stayed in the toy story section? and can rooms be reserved by section? Thanks!


I have stayed in Toy Story. It’s really a pretty cool place. I got to stay in the Buzz Lightyear building. I don’t know if you can reserve the section you want, but on check-in you can always request a section…


Disney has always bent over backwards to accomodate me with any request that I have ever made. We usually stay at Old Key West, but when staying there, I usually request one or two buildings we like to stay in, and we are always put in those buildings. I would assume with the size of All Star Movies, you won’t have any problem staying in what ever building you want, unless you are going Christmas week. Even if it was Christmas week this year, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I have never actually stayed at any of the All Star resorts, but I have been through all of them, and they look pretty nice. One option would be to try to stay in one of the moderates. I love Port Orleans Riverside. It is a totally different world from the All Stars. You feel like you are in a small cabin in the woods compared to in a Motel 6 on the side of the highway. The restaurants are better and everything is considerably less crowded. Disney has been running deals where the moderates are only a couple dollars more than the All Star resorts. Check for codes and ideas on gettting better rates on your Disney rooms. (

One other option would be to stay at the New Pop Century Resort when it opens. I have seen it, and it looks way cool, I think it will be nicer than the All Stars.

Good luck!


I’d have to agree… they usually do their best to accomodate requests from guests. Especially now when there aren’t many folks staying at WDW you’re more likely to have your request come true! I guess the low attendance is both a gift (rooms you want) and a curse (no early entry)…


We usually go in the fall or early spring to WDW. The hours are reduced from typical busy period hours, but so are the crowds and the lines. We usually didn’t use early entry days in the parks, even though we always stay on property. It always seemed to me that if early entry day was at Magic Kindom, Magic Kingdom was more crowded than the other parks until late afternoon. We always steered clear of the early entry park. The only exception was if it was early day at EPCOT, then we would only arrive for dinner and illumination.

What I don’t understand is the removal of E-ticket night. It produced revenue, they only had a couple of rides open, and it was great. I guess the Mickey’s Magical Christmas Party is a glorious E-ticket night. I hope they return after January 1.