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Was wondering if anyone who has stayed at the All Star Movies can give me some of your opinions. This is the 1st time we’ll be staying at a Value. There are only 3 of us, so there should be plenty of room for us. We’re only staying 3 nights and we probably won’t be in the room at all except for sleeping. I was reading reviews on allears and the biggest complaint seemed to be that you can hear everything (toilets flushing, people in the halls). Did anyone else experience this? I have to laugh b/c we stayed at the Beach Club in April and the walls were so thin! Every morning I heard the man in the room next to us going to the bathroom :eek: !!

B/c I have heard stories about waiting in long bus lines, we decided to rent a car.

How about the pool - is there a slide? I guess I’m a little nervous about staying here. Anything encouraging would be great!:wub: Thanks!


I personally do not care for the value resorts. But, as much as I say that we always have fun when we stay at them. My biggest complaint is the crowds and noise. As with every hotel in the moderate and value tier, you will hear some hall noise. I can’t ever recall being upset with people being too loud. …And I complain a lot!!! So, it can’t be too bad. As far as toilet flushing is concerned, I think you’ll hear that at just about any Disney resort in the morning. The fact of the matter is, Disney uses industrial strength toilets that can swallow a Great Dane… You’ll hear the water flowing at All-Star Movies everytime a guest flushes a toilet at the Contemporary resort; that’s how freakin’ loud the toilets are!

Ok, as much as I will mock the value resorts. They are a lot of fun. It sure beats staying off of Disney property! The rooms are a bit on the small side, they can be somewhat loud. But, it’s not too much of a deal. If it was, I’d seriously let you know. The only other issue is no slides in the pools and no hot tubs. The slightly smaller rooms, missing water slides and hot tubs are the only factors separating the value resorts from the moderate resorts.

Last comment, we seem to get more towel animals at the value resorts than we do staying at the moderate and the deluxe resorts. Added bonus right there!


We have had the same issue with All Star Movies, All Star Sports, & POP… if you stay on the lower floors you are going to hear toilets flushing, showers & baths being taken, kids running across floor, etc. We recently stayed at OKW and heard NOTHING!! We were even on the 1st floor.

On the positive side, the theming is very good. Housekeeping, Pools, Food Courts, Gift Shops, & CM at desk are all great.


We are Fl residents so we are FOREVER taking advantage of staying at the Value Resorts . . . like August $64/night . . . MOVIES is a TON of FUN!! The rooms are big enough for 3, altho you only have two full bed, but you can request a roll away, just do it in advance. (I think it is $8 more a night too)

There is a NEW POOL at Movies . . . the FANTASIA pool, it was under construction when we were there last but it LOOKED Awesome. PLUS, last time we were at All Star Music, at night they put up a HUGE outdoor movie screen and played the Incredibles, had music blaring and CM do all sorts of crowd pleasing stuff. So, yes, no slides, but plenty of entertainment.

You do hear the toilets flushing, but I just stayed at POR, and I have to say, altho the room was bigger and had a fridge (values do not, unless you want to rent $10/night) it was old and looked like it needed a refurb, PLUS i could hear toilets flushing . . . the VALUES always seem to be being fixed up, maybe because the turnover is higher and more families with young kids??

I personally have never had any problems at the Values . . . it’s still Disney property and you are treated equal . . . and for us it’s the SAME, as long as I have a comfy bed and A/C room to come home too at the end of a long day at the park . . . I am cool with that! :laugh:


I stayed in Movies in 2000. I like it well enough. The theme is cool and the resort serves it’s purpose. I have no complaints at all about anything.


originally by requiem 960

The fact of the matter is, Disney uses industrial strength toilets that can swallow a Great Dane… You’ll hear the water flowing at All-Star Movies everytime a guest flushes a toilet at the Contemporary resort; that’s how freakin’ loud the toilets are!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I have stayed at the ASMovies twice and loved it. I do not care what people say about room size. Since you are going with three people you will be fine. In my opinion and this is a pretty broad generliszation, all hotel rooms are the sams no matter where you stay. I have been to the plaza and the waldorf and they are they same size as a holiday inn. It all has to do with the extras… In a top notch resort.hotel you will get nicer bedding materials, like a down blanket and high thread count sheets.

I guess it is pretty hard to amaze me at a hotel resort, Im a bit of travel snob in a good way. I have stayed in the hamptons of NY to the highest of class hotels in NYC to best western that cost twice as much in Santa Cruz CA and a value resort in disney.

I have never had a problem with the noise, i have syayed in the Ducks and fantasia building. Im a late sleeper and am very sensitive to noise, but this was not a problem. I have had the same problem with toilets as others have stated, especually in larger more luxorious resorts becasue i feel like they use beter toilets which are louder, like someone said they canflush a great dane.

At any rate you will be fine at the ASMovies esoecially for three days.

I always say a hotel room is a hotel room…no matter how nice it is or how many extras you get you will never enjoy it or spend more time than you would at home…so dont stress over it. The values are the same…in my opinion a better value :)…depending on your needs.

Hope this helps.


BESIDES . . . the money you save going value . . . YOU CAN SPEND FRIVOLOUSLY IN THE PARK!!! :ph34r: HE-HE!


You summed yo what I meant to say in one line:L

BESIDES . . . the money you save going value . . . YOU CAN SPEND FRIVOLOUSLY IN THE PARK!!! HE-HE!

Every time I go I look to spend a few days at a top of the line resort but end up pushing my trip to 8 days at a value and love it more than a few days wich woul cost me a lot more. I break down as I would prefer my time in the park when at disney so i could sleep on main steet for all i care, which would be cool.


We stayed at Movies and loved it! I did miss having a hot tub, but you can go to the other All Star pools if you stay at movies, which is fun…a way to check out all the big icons which are part of Disney magic!


We didn’t have many issues at ASMu except for it being a little crowded…there was a band competition while we were there so most of them were staying at ASMu. We had a room on the second floor and didn’t get any of the toilet noise, etc, that I remember…maybe it just wasn’t any worse than any other similar hotel so it didn’t stand out. The only real noise was from the pool…our room faced the Cabelleros pool, and the kid noise was pretty audible until around 10 p.m. We had good luck with bus transpo, the counter-service cafeteria and the souvenir/essentials store. It did not have any pool slides, but it did have a shallow toddler pool separate from the main pools which was nice for us and our then 2-yr old. I think if you are only staying 3 nights and plan to spend most of your vacation time at the parks, any of the values would work out very well and allow you to spend the extra $ on other things.

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One thing that may help, not sure if others can agree.

When staying at value resorts the preferesd areas may be more noisy than others. My last stay was at the fantasia which overlooked the pool, while there was some noise at the pool at night it dod not bother us at all, the mighty ducks building seemed almost dead most of the time.

So ,aybe the non prefered at values may be better for most.


I agree . . . while the life guards go off duty at 10pm, the pools stay pretty crowded . . . and last time I was there, I said to my friend . . . WOW, I think all these rooms around the pool pay more $$ . . . while easier to get to the food hall . . . not so much fun if it’s REALLY NOISY and you want to make AM EMH!! :blink:


Well by were you have been on previous trips you may be disappointed. When you go from most to least you will notice a big difference and alot of stuff missing. But if its your only option go for it, its disney how bad can it be.:eek:


Of all of the values, movies is my favourite. I like the layout better than Pop, and the rooms are slightly bigger than the other all-stars.


I’ve stayed at the ASMovies and POP and personally we always gravitate to POP. None of the values have slides in their pools but we’re okay with that. Depending on the crowds can determine how long the bus lines will be, etc. Although the walls are a bit thin, our experiences have always been pleasant. It’s been a few years since I’ve stayed at the AS but my vote always goes for POP.


Thanks for all of your feedback! I think it will be fine for the 3 nights - plus it was only $69 per night!!!

This trip was totally spontaneous and DH only agreed to it b/c we already have our park tickets left from April - the room was $69 and airfare is $69/each way. I considered POFQ but with the $100 we saved on the room - we are renting a car so we don’t have to waste time waiting for buses.

DD7 will love the theming of the resort but is spoiled with the pool slides at the other resorts we’ve stayed at. :blush:

Besides the price, another added bonus will be if we get towel animals. On our 11 day trip in April split up between the BC and CR we never got a towel animal!!! :confused:

Thanks for all the feedback!!


Prior to my parents becoming DVC members, we always stayed in a value, usually AS Sports. I didn’t mind it at all, the way I see it I only need a room to sleep and shower, I like to be out as much as I can. I didn’t experience any loud noises from other people. I will be in an AS come MArch of 2008, my dad’s HS softball team is going down to play over at Wide World of Sports, so it is a reason to tag along. I do love staying at OKW or SSR, it is much nicer, but I do liek the food courts at the AS’s