All Star Movies


I have chosen a preferred room location at the ASMovies. What building could that be in? We usually stay at POFQ but we chose ASMv so that we could also do the MNSSHP when we go in Oct. So thanks for the tips…


Fantasia!!! I believe! and maybe the dalmations. I could be very wrong on this though


I don’t believe you’ll be in The Love Bug. We asked for that during one stay and it’s quite a haul to the food court/bus stop.


Look at a resort map.
The buildings closest to the main building will have the preferred rooms.

Based on this map, I’d say the preferred rooms will be in buildings 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and then, they would be rooms that actually face the main building and not away from it.
I’m guessing, but it’s an educated guess.

Edit: Well it was an educated guess right up until I found that All Ears’ ASMv fact sheet clearly says under the rate section:
Room rates do not include 6.5% Florida State Tax and 6% County Resort Tax.

Preferred rooms are located in the buildings closest to Cinema Hall: Toy Story, Fantasia, and 101 Dalmatians.[/I]

101 Dalmatians = 1 and 4
Fantasia = 5 and 8
Toy Story = 9 and 10


Do you drive to the parks? If you do, the preferred sections are tucked in tight to the main area, and I found getting to the parking lots were a long walk. Since we mostly drive to the parks, I no longer get preferred. We don’t use the food courts much either, so there is no real reason for us to pay the extra.

BUT- All those sections are cool. 101 Dalmatians is my DDs favorite!


we stayed last time in a preferred room at ASM and we had a fantasia room pool side first floor it was great was in building 8 try to get one like it you will not be unhappy.


Thanks for the advice Zoomaster, I did request a bottom floor and we are paying for a preferred room.