All Star Music Buses concern


Greetings fellow MBers!

After reading Wish’s TR and seeing a few responses, I am rather interested to know how the bus service works there at the All Star resorts. A friend at work told me that there are certain times of the day where the bus does hit all the All Star at once but at other times, you get one bus for just your resort to one park.

Would anyone know how the bus schedule works out? When we stayed at Grovesnor for Memorial, the bus schedule was absolutely horrendous! We finally wised up, walked across the street to DTD took a bus to another WDW resort and then hopped the bus there to the parks. Pop Century on the other hand was a complete joy for us

If this is the MO (long wait) for the All Star’s, I may have to rethink the Dec. trip and see if I can get us switched from ASSports to Pop.


we have stayed at the All Stars Music and Movies. The buses ran often. they try to keep up with the number of people at each line and run a bus accordingly. for example if there are a lot of people in the line for MK …then more buses come more often for MK. but we have never waited more then 15 minutes for a bus to any park. Some buses make stops at water parks in between park and resort.
the longest we ever waited for a Disney bus was at the Poly …over an hour wait for a bus to MGM :frowning:


Actually,All Star Sports is the first resort of the complex,so if you had to share a bus,your resort would be the first picked up. That’s why,when I stay at All-Stars because that’s the only resort with the great discount,I stay st ASSports.


p.s. I think the pop is better then All stars …but that is only my opinion.


In general, PC is better than the All Stars because it’s always one stop as opposed to being occasionally 3.

On the whole, I think most agree that bus service is more or less the same, regardless of where you stay. It’s Murphy’s Law in action when it appears that other resorts are always getting multiple buses when you’re waiting for yours. But, this is more an illusion of timing.

If you tend to go to or leave parks when everyone else is, then you should expect longer lines. If lines bug you a lot, then try to plan on times that are earlier or later than the norm.

With that, I will agree with Alma that AS Sports does seem to get slightly better service because of its location. It’s more likely that you’ll get a seat on a bus and you’ll definately be the first dropped off when returning.


The only time I have had problems with Bus service to PC or AS* was actually getting back to the resorts late at night.

KoM are you driving up? If you are I think resort guest get free parking at the parks. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the bus.


our solution to a crowded bus when the parks close is to linger in the park till the crowd is gone :slight_smile: just find a nice seat and wait till there is hardly anyone but CM’s in the park and then stroll to the bus area :slight_smile:


I have stayed at both All stars music and movies and the busses were never a issue there. They have then running every twenty minutes from as early as 7am until about two hours after the parks close. The DTD one will run until PI is done for the night. The train starts at sports, then goes to music and then movies. Sometimes at park close, they will send out resort specific buses to help with the masses. Again, I have never had an issue with that transportation and think their busses run better than the one at the Polynesian.


When we stayed at All-Star Movies, we had no problem with the bus system. Considering we were the last stop to be picked up, there were often busses verging on full - but Disney was excellent at sending along an empty bus almost immediately thereafter.

We were actually quite impressed, we never had reason to complain. I think being at Music you should be fine; you’ll be right in the middle either way, for boarding or unloading, so the bus capacity should be pretty regular for you guys.


Yes we are driving up. If it comes to it, we will drive to the parks, but usually once I get there, I like to forget about my car until it is time to go back home:laugh:



I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I LOVE the way you think.

I think Epcot after IllumiNations is so relaxing. You can literally hang around for 90 minutes before they really make an effort to clear you out.


KingOMiam we drive to WDW too …but still prefer the Disney Transportation :heart:

Matt thank you :slight_smile:

your so right about Epcot. It’s that way at all the parks after they close. We have our “spots” …like at MK …its between SFTH and POC or over in TomorrowLand. Just grab a bench …watch the people walk out :slight_smile: it’s just a perfect end to a perfect day …then walk out to the bus stop and there maybe 6 people waiting :slight_smile:
as Dana said they call up more buses at park closing too so really if you time it right you do not have to worry about a crowded bus.


On the whole, I think Disney Transportation is outstanding. Sure you get your occassional glitch, but when you consider the number of people DT moves in a single day, problems are relatively few.


We stayed at ASMusic last Oct. and never had any problems with the buses. There were never any long waits, at least not longer that we had had at YC. The only time we ever had to stand on the bus was on the way home from Epcot. We really should have just waited and taken a later bus, but we were hoping DS (2 at the time) would fall asleep while in line and on the bus…he didn’t. My stay at ASMusic was great and I will probably stay in the AS resorts again…unless I get a really good deal at YC again!


Along this same concern, we are driving. We have a couple of early bfast rezzies, should we(or can we w/o paying for parking) drive to the parks to make it safe?


you should be ok with the busses. they are pretty regular


they start running buses almost two hours prior to park open in order to get people to early morning character breakfasts. I always have the first seating of the day (8am) and never have had a problem getting to it or with being late…honeslty never. When I have an 8am seating, I am at the bus stop by 7:15…not later. No need to drive…let WDW do that for you. If your character breakfast is at a resort and not at a park, I would either drive or take a cab over. Transporting from resort to resort, no matter what time of day, can take forever. The only exception to this is if you have a character breakfast at the Contemporary at chef mickey’s. You can take the bus to the MK and walk to the comtemporary from there. The walk is about ten minutes or so. You would also be ok with O’hanna’s. The monorails are up and running, so you can take the bus to the MK and hop the monorail to the polynesian. Still, this takes time. I usually grab a cab…no waiting for bus, monorail or whatever and you get there quickly…best $14 spent…lol


I’ve only stayed at the POP - and we’ve NOT had a transportation issue at all…I wish I could comment on the AllStars…but, it really sounds like it won’t be too bad!! :c)


Thank you Dana. I wasn’t looking forward to driving around there!


I agree with this. This last time at Pop I got really tired of waiting for buses. I took buses from the Poly and DTD with long waits also and I am almost ready to rent a car next time. It really became my pet peeve of the trip. Hopefully there will be enough time before my next trip that I will forget. :glare: